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  • I don't know what it's like with mother and daughters,

  • but father and sons hook is a rival.

  • It's bound to be a kind. Particularly, Brooklyn now he's 16,

  • he's becoming his own man and stuff.

  • And... and this is so funny like the way you try to score points against each other.

  • So, Brooklyn put this picture on the Instagram, and he put on a ... "Rocking the old school Ralph Lauren."

  • Look at that, he's got 317000 likes.

  • Okay, so that, you know cool and it's Ralph Lauren and you scrolled to the comments...

  • oh yeah, whatever...... (blah blah)

  • Get down to this one.

  • Mr. David Beckham, "That's my jumper."

  • That's so mean.

  • But it's actual... but it actually is my jumper.

  • And I was um... I was sat at lunch actually when that came up to my screen that he just posted a picture of him

  • and it was my jumper, so I had to tell him.

  • But I do find him going in my wardrobe,

  • even though he doesn't think I'm that cool dad.

  • And I still find him wearing my clothes every single day.

  • This one's for you, so... so... this is him... it's a little video.

  • He posted on the Instagram and to really boast about the numbers of his followers.

  • Here we go.

  • So, it's my mom's birthday today.

  • Brooklyn, I'm leaving.

  • Okay.

  • I just reached a million followers.

  • I've got 52.

  • It's... it is his face. He is brushed.

  • I was... we were literally just about to walk at the door and ummm...

  • I can hear him talking in his room and I thought...

  • then I heard him say, "You know I'm just about... just reached a million..."

  • You destroyed that boy.

  • To be honest, you know when we were out, he gets recognized so much

  • that I'm literally you know I'm known as Brooklyn's dad, now.

  • and that's kind I'm the one who always takes the picture.

  • Yeah, no one's buying that.

I don't know what it's like with mother and daughters,

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David Beckham Puts Brooklyn Beckham In His Place - The Graham Norton Show

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