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  • The incarnation truly is a mystery.

  • Almighty God comes in the last days

  • and reveals the mystery of incarnation to man by Himself.

  • It is said right in the Bible

  • He will come on a cloud.

  • If we study the Bible carefully, it's easy to find this.

  • It says the Lord will return through incarnation.

  • So the Lord showed all this to us.

  • During this period, I've read a lot of Almighty God's words.

  • So I'm certain that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus,

  • the appearance of God.

  • The Lord will reveal that to me.

  • Does God have to reveal Himself to those who work hard for the Lord

  • when He comes?

  • Unless you search, the Lord will not reveal to us.

  • Today, please fellowship with us just what incarnation truly is.

  • During the Age of Law, God used Moses to work.

  • Can't God also use man to do His judgment work in the last days?

  • There's no difference between the work of God incarnate

  • and that of men used by God.

  • Is it necessary to discuss that?

  • If spiritual figures could save mankind,

  • why haven't they done that yet? Tell me why not?

  • We shall not forget! Jesus will take us into the kingdom of heaven!

  • He can't become flesh!

  • Tell me, please. Where are your facts to back this up?

  • You say it's impossible for God to become flesh. Is that for us to decide?

  • If people judge Christ according to their imaginations and conceptions

  • Finally, they nail God to the cross again and have provoked God's disposition.

  • God is not only compassionate and loving but majestic, righteous, wrathful.

  • Those who offend will be punished.

The incarnation truly is a mystery.

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Unravel the Mystery of the Word Becoming Flesh | Official Trailer "The Mystery of Godliness"

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    William Sue posted on 2018/01/09
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