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  • The Lord Jesus we've been expecting has come back!

  • From God's word and utterance, we recognize that

  • Almighty God is Jesus who has returned in the flesh.

  • O Lord Jesus,

  • You've really come back!

  • I'll bring more brothers and sisters before You.

  • May God lead us and give us wisdom and power.

  • Amen!

  • It's really incredible.

  • She has such a firm foundation,

  • but she is deceived by theEastern Lightning”!

  • Even Li Mo has been deceived.

  • It seems that thisEastern Lightningis not simple.

  • She is irredeemable.

  • She has to be expelled.

  • She's worked for years but could still betray the Lord.

  • Such a person should be expelled!

  • Humph! Even if it is false, we can make it true.

  • How dare she take our people.

  • Not so easy.

  • Endless, eh?

  • I tell you, if you continue talking nonsense,

  • believe it or not,

  • I'll make you stay in prison for several years with just one call.

  • You come to preach theEastern Lightningagain.

  • What cheek!

  • No matter how right their fellowship is,

  • I won't accept it.

  • I've never suffered like this since I was born.

  • Wanna leave?

  • No way!

  • What are you doing?

  • Do you want a beating?

  • You want a beating?

  • Bah!

  • We won't show mercy to people like you!

  • We'll hand you over to the police in a while.

  • No one is allowed to touch her!

  • I brought her here. Today I must take her away!

  • In the end, God will bring those who can be saved,

  • that is, those who love the truth,

  • into the pleasant destination.

  • We can't judge any more, nor can we refuse.

  • We must make a careful investigation.

The Lord Jesus we've been expecting has come back!

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