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  • bezt intro evah

  • i amh peppuh pigh

  • *beat boxing*

  • potty

  • it iz a lovey autumn yay

  • daddy pig has got a (something)

  • wii are going to have a pumpkin potty

  • and *ALL* your frendz are invited!


  • but you don't have any friends

  • *oink* ow goodeyh

  • fatass pig brain.exe is not responding

  • that iz a funny faze

  • *best scream ever*



  • PIE

  • and the outside...

  • to make our pumpkin lal

  • now you little piggiez need to dress up for the potty!

  • PEPPER iz dreesing up ass a witch (2spooky4me)

  • dew i look witchy?

  • fvfvfvfvfffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy

  • widgies

  • you need to do some cac

  • wots cac?

  • itz how witches laugh!

  • like dis

  • IZ DAT EVEN CACKLING??????!!!!!!!!!

  • very (bad) cackling

  • joj iz dressing up as a die

  • die!

  • grrrrrrrh

  • a SCARY DIE!

  • *cackling?*

  • rebbecca and richard rara are here

  • with mr rara

  • OH!

  • what a SAUCE

  • has the potty started yet?! (nothing wierd in the audio)

  • No!

  • yo very lee

  • HELL-O

  • *oink* yep what you heard was an *oink*

  • i am a witch

  • *this cackling!!*

  • joj iz a die!

  • grrrrrrh

  • wot r u?

  • i am a pumpkin pie!

  • ooooow wooooo

  • and richard is a AHHHH


  • iz that wot a AHHHHH looks like?

  • Yas!

  • letz go and get the otherz for the potty! (nothing wierd in the audio)

  • ;)

bezt intro evah

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B1 US iz potty pumpkin oink pumpkin pie pig

YTP - Peppa Pig's BEST Pumpkin Potty!

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    Jin Wang posted on 2018/01/09
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