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  • I started dancing 70 years ago, that's right. 7 decades as everybody says.

  • Everybody thinks that ballet is a very short career and I really thought that I was going

  • to be finished in my 20's.

  • And so now it seems amazing that I am still dancing at 77.

  • Apparently people think I'm unusual.

  • I love children and I love them to enjoy ballet and I know some of them will not continue

  • forever but I think ballet teaches more than just dance. It teaches them respect for each

  • other.

  • For Mrs. Poole to teach us it looks like it's so easy but it really isn't.

  • Well like, she's just like a great dancer and someone that I can look up to. And someone

  • that I want to be like when I'm older.

  • No matter how young or old you are you can still, you know, do the things that you love.

  • She has been dancing for so long and she really inspires me.

  • In London during the war, we always went to the ballet and I always loved it. And I really

  • wasn't very talented or the right build or anything, the main thing is I had wonderful

  • teachers.

  • Ballet is my life, my husband was my life, but I don't have him, but he always encouraged

  • me, he always thought I was a good dancer and it always been ballet. That's been my main now.

  • I provide entertainment for them because they can't go out. I think they relate to me

  • because I'm probably older than a lot of those people.

  • I like doing it and I also try to take children along.

  • I hope I give the message to the children, life is too short not to do what you want

  • to do.

  • Whether it's painting, or ballet or yoga, whatever they really love to do. It's never

  • too late. So start doing what you love doing now.

I started dancing 70 years ago, that's right. 7 decades as everybody says.

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The 77 Year Old Ballet Dancer Sharing Seven Decades Of Experience | Amazing Humans

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    April Lu   posted on 2018/01/20
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