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  • Hello

  • I'm a very interesting as intelligent man

  • And today I’m getting together with some pigs to teach you some English idioms

  • I bet youve never been taught by a pig before

  • as you know

  • pigs is a very light animals with feathers and wings, and they fly

  • No they don’t!

  • Pigs are big fat and dirty things that definitely stay on the ground

  • In English we say pigs might fly

  • when someone says something we think it would never happen

  • Pigs

  • Might fly

  • Which is what my friend said when I told them I was going to become a rock star

  • As weve seen, pigs are very dirty, smelly creatures

  • Can you imagine what it's like to live with a pig?

  • Well

  • It would be disgusting

  • Pigs live in a place called a pigsty

  • in English

  • we can say that a very ditty or untidy place is a pigsty

  • My students flat

  • this place is a pigsty

  • this place is a pigsty

  • quite disgusting

  • Now

  • You might think I’m a boring old man

  • but in fact

  • I'm a fantastic skiier

  • Would you like to see my holiday movie?

  • I asked a friend to film me. I look great.

  • but have a look at this

  • hahahaha

  • He made a pig’s ear of that

  • in English

  • if someone does something very badly we can say he made a pig's ear of it

  • to make a pig’s ear of something

  • What's that?

  • Youre saying

  • I made a pig’s ear of this lesson?

  • I don’t know

  • I worked so hard

  • And didn’t get any thanks


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Pig Idioms - BBC Learning English

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