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  • Hello

  • I’m a very interesting

  • and intelligent man

  • and this

  • is Rex

  • today rex will be helping me to teach you some English idioms

  • I bet youve never been taught by a dog before

  • As you can see

  • Rex is in the dog house

  • Of course he is, he is a dog

  • now it's all very well for Rex to be the dog house, but how would you like to

  • be there

  • not very much

  • In English

  • if someone is unpopular because they've done something wrong we can say theyre in

  • the dog house

  • To be in the dog house

  • like that time

  • I got so drunk that I missed all my classes the next day

  • I was really in the dog house

  • then

  • I can’t really remember too much about last night

  • I think I had

  • one or two glasses of wine too many, and beer

  • and whiskey

  • vodka

  • champagne

  • cider

  • today I missed all my classes

  • i'm really in the dog house with my boss. I feel awful

  • What’s that you say Rex?

  • Your hair, the hair of the dog

  • What a disgusting idea

  • In English

  • some people say

  • if you feel bad after drinking too much the night before

  • you should have the hair of the dog

  • it means a little bit of alcohol to make you feel better

  • The hair of the dog

  • I don't think this is going to work

  • Never again

  • Look at this beast

  • He’s made a dog’s dinner of that. It means

  • He’s made a mess of something

  • To make a dog's dinner or something

  • I've made a dog's dinner of that, let me just do it again

  • to make a dog’s dinner of something

  • to make a dog's dinner of something

  • I've made a dog's dinner of that

  • let me just do it again


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Dog Idioms - BBC Learning English

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