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  • We all want children to love reading, but how does it happen?

  • Well, it happens because of the adults that surround them:

  • Mom, Dad, Aunty and Uncle, Grandma and Grandpa.

  • Everybody has a part to play.

  • And I am so often asked, 'What do you want us to do?'

  • Well I've got some top tips. And they are top tips that all of us can achieve.

  • Unless you can talk, you will NOT be able to read.

  • And if you can't read you're not going to love it.

  • So we have to give children the tools for reading.

  • Any child that has a wide vocabulary, we know is at an advantage.

  • So where do you acquire your words and your language?

  • You acquire it from people talking to you.

  • You don't acquire it from a screen, you acquire it from human beings.

  • So from the moment your child is in the womb, and I do mean in the womb

  • We should be singing enjoying rhymes and talking to our children.

  • Talk as you walk.

  • Talk as you do, talk as you cook.

  • Fill your children with vocabulary and language for later use.

  • Of course, you'll also be developing their curiosity, their imagination, alongside this.

  • Where better place to talk, than when you're playing.

  • And of course we know that research shows us that children who played fared better in life.

  • They developed as whole human beings.

  • Play is vital and essential, but of course what play does is encourages you to talk.

  • In fact, some of my best talking was when I was playing.

  • Often on my own even. It still encouraged me to talk.

  • Well, children who read as adults, almost all of them came from homes where other adults read.

  • So, it's vital that you are the best advert for reading yourself.

  • Your children have to see you reading, otherwise why would they want to do it?

  • Now it can be the newspaper they catch you're reading, magazines, the cereal box, books

  • It's lovely when they know that you read in bed for hours and you couldn't put the light out.

  • You have to be a role model for reading, because it's infectious. They will catch that bug.

  • We now know that the single most important activity for giving children a love of reading

  • is that they were read to aloud regularly.

  • Sadly we have discovered that almost one in five children

  • have rarely been read to their moms and dads.

  • And only one in five parents read regularly.

  • So there is a lot still to be done.

  • And, it's got to be a rip-roaring story and it has to be as often as possible.

  • Sometimes snuggly at nighttime, sometimes in the daytime we're all singing and dancing.

  • Everyone of us that enjoys being with children has to be a performer

  • And a performer of stories.

  • So as often as you can, and when you're in the mood, remember don't do it when you're not in the mood.

  • Read aloud to your children.

  • And don't be frightened to make up silly stories.

  • we have discovered that dads somehow...I don't know why

  • But they are better than moms.

  • They are the ones that are in the car making up those silly stories.

  • But what I guarantee is, if you make up a good story.

  • Your child, when they're 60,

  • will remember when mom or dad told them that silly story.

  • Please make sure that your children have as much access to books and magazines and comics

  • - Yes, comics are great!

  • A lot of people think, oh, comics are fantastic!

  • They're full of action, full of wonderful vocabulary, full of sound effects

  • Really good for children.

  • But please make sure your children have access to as much reading material as possible.

  • We know they can be expensive but there are second hand sales and public libraries

  • that will lend you up to 12 books at one go.

  • So make use of those, we're lucky to have those public libraries.

We all want children to love reading, but how does it happen?

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Top Tips For Reading To Children - Author Neil Griffiths - ELC

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