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  • Today I simply want to introduce the concept of linking.

  • I’ve had my blog for almost two years now,

  • and have yet to explicitly mention this in a video as a topic.

  • It’s high time.

  • If everything else is pronounced correctly:

  • stress, the particular sounds of a word, but words are not linked together,

  • it will still sound pretty strange to native speakers.

  • It will sound very choppy.

  • Let’s take for example the sentence, He told her to go to the park today.

  • He told her to go to the park today.

  • He told her to go to the park today.

  • That last time I said it, I tried to put a tiny pause between each word.

  • He told her to go to the park today.

  • He told her to go to the park today.

  • Can you tell the difference?

  • It’s an important first step to be able to hear the difference.

  • To native speakers, this tiny gap between each word sounds very choppy.

  • He told her to go to the park today.

  • To me that is very smooth.

  • Can you hear that difference?

  • My students sometimes tell me that

  • when they pronounce wordsand sentences that way, that it feels very sloppy.

  • Well that’s ok.

  • If your native language is really different from English,

  • then when you pronounce English correctly,

  • it might feel very strange in your mouth.

  • Don’t be shy about that.

  • Linking is related to reduction, or reducing sounds.

  • What is reduction? As you may already know from other videos,

  • words in English will either be stressed or unstressed.

  • Unstressed words and syllables may be reduced.

  • This means that a sound is either left out or changes.

  • For example, the wordcanhas theaavowel sound.

  • But, it might reduce.

  • I can be there.

  • Cn, cn.

  • There the wordcanis actually pronounced with the schwa sound: cn.

  • So that is what I mean by reduction.

  • I say that linking and reduction are related.

  • And that is because if you are reducing something,

  • youre either leaving off a sound or substituting a quicker vowel

  • in order to make that word very short.

  • If youre making it very short,

  • you don’t want to make your phrase longer by adding gaps.

  • So linking is the idea that you will take all the words of a sentence

  • and you won’t put any gaps between for a smooth and fluid sound.

  • For example, in the sentence I can be there by three.

  • I-c, I-c: you can hear how the kk sound of the second word

  • is attached to the first word: I-c, I-c.

  • There is no break between those words.

  • I can be there by three.

  • So keep this in mind as you listen to native speakers and do your best to imitate it.

  • There will be videos in the future that will cover specific concepts

  • in linking and reduction to help you practice this.

  • That’s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel’s English.

Today I simply want to introduce the concept of linking.

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Intro to Linking: American English Pronunciation

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