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  • So you're at the store and you're looking for something quick and easy to eat, but you're also trying to be health-conscious.

  • So, instead of the regular cheesy mac, you go for the organic stuff.

  • Instead of regular chicken nuggets, you grab some organic chicken nuggets.

  • Then, top it off with some organic sandwich cookies. Hmm cookies!

  • It's all organic so it's good for you, right? Well, not always.

  • You see, while forty five percent of Americans think the organic label means healthy or good,

  • organic really has nothing to do with how nutritious the food is for you.

  • Organic really just defines how the ingredients were created, prepared, or raised.

  • Let me explain. Organic means that there aren't any genetically modified ingredients.

  • Also, organic means that no chemicals were used to kill bugs and weeds.

  • And that all pesticides are natural instead of synthetic.

  • And organic means nothing was fertilized with sewage sludge. Yeah, sewage sludge.

  • Organic also means that nothing was exposed to radiation, which some manufactures do to sterilize food.

  • And no industrial solvents were used to clean things up.

  • Also, organic means there can be no chemical additives that some foods have to make them stay fresh for an unnatural amount of time.

  • And if it's meat, that there's no routine use of antibiotics or hormones pumped into the animals.

  • And all this stuff is really important, but notice organic doesn't necessarily mean that the ingredients are nutritious.

  • So if you care about healthy foods,

  • it's more important to just eat the whole foods, mostly fruits and vegetables, and avoid packaged-like substances.

  • And yeah, that includes organic cheesy mac. And here's a really big tip.

  • If you can pronounce all the ingredients in a package you're holding, then you're on the right track.

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  • Also we want to know in the comments what foods do you think are important to buy organic.

  • And which ones don't really matter? We'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

  • Also, next week we're talking with an M.I.T. professor about how to lose weight.

  • He uses math to study weight loss. It's gonna be something you've never heard before.

  • Stick around. Peace out.

So you're at the store and you're looking for something quick and easy to eat, but you're also trying to be health-conscious.

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