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  • How to care for introverts.

  • According to brain scan studies,

  • introverts process information differently than other people

  • and are more likely to be misunderstood

  • as individuals who are too serious or too aloof,

  • or too arrogant and rude.

  • Therefore, it is crucial not only to understand introverts,

  • but also to care for them.

  • And here are five ways to do so.

  • 1. Make them feel accepted for who they are.

  • Introverts accept themsleves as who they are.

  • But at times, they wish they were more social like other people.

  • Nevertheless, introversion is not something that people need to outgrow,

  • but something they have to learn to accept and grow into.

  • So extroverts should help introverts cherish who they are

  • by accepting their unique traits.

  • 2. Acknowledge them for their goodness.

  • As introverts are generally caring and helping people,

  • they expect to be appreciated for their kindness,

  • thoughtfulness, and willingness to help others

  • whether it's a social cause for someone unknown

  • or for family and friends.

  • Though they do not expect the recipient to be grateful or thankful to them,

  • they seek acknowledgement from those close to them.

  • Introverts help others not to get recognition for their good works,

  • but because it gives them a sense of satisfaction.

  • Make them feel good for their good deeds.

  • 3. Do not push an introvert.

  • Sometimes extroverts tend to push introverts to get out in the world.

  • This really doesn't work.

  • An introvert may feel uncomfortable and unsuitable in a social situation,

  • or hesitate to try new experiences and take more risks.

  • Hence, it would not be wise to push an introvert.

  • Until they are ready to challenge themselves or test their limits,

  • they won't want to be pushed or rushed.

  • Pushing introverts doesn't mean getting them to try new things or mingling with people,

  • but also includes asking them to do stuff that they are not mentally comfortable with.

  • Give them their time and space.

  • 4. Be ready to give back.

  • Introverts are good listeners who are slow to speak but quick to listen.

  • Whereas extroverts are good communicators who are quick to speak but slow to listen.

  • But this doesn't mean that introverts don't want to be listened to as well,

  • even they need people whom they can share their thoughts with as well.

  • As introverts are good listeners,

  • be considerate and give back by listening to them when they need you to.

  • 5. Accommodate introverts' differences.

  • The way introverts and extroverts think,

  • feel, perceive, and make decisions are varied.

  • For instance,

  • extroverts who are full of energy like to expend their energy by actively engaging in social activities.

  • Hanging out with friends and seeking happiness.

  • They can make statements like:

  • "live in the present" and "don't worry, be happy."

  • On the other hand,

  • introverts expend their energy by living inside and spending time alone.

  • This does not mean they don't enjoy going out.

  • But they tend to do it in the company of their loved ones or close circle of friends.

  • For them, the meaning of seeking happiness may be very different from what extroverts think it means.

  • To introverts, being happy may include helping others,

  • making others happy,

  • or achieving a sense of satisfaction.

  • So what do you think about these tips?

  • If you consider yourself an introvert,

  • do these help you?

  • If you consider yourself an extrovert,

  • do you find yourself doing these for your more introverted friends?

  • Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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How to care for introverts.

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5 Ways To Care for Your Introverted Friend

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