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  • Hey guys

  • What is up welcome back to another video to perform some pleasure talk you guys swing back with and other?

  • In boxing video guys today. I brought you guys something quite big from the ticket on the box right there

  • I already know what it is, so yeah

  • I just want to give a huge shout out to give s actually for sending it to me for free

  • I'm really really excited guys to review it to y'all from the features shown on the side

  • It's literally one of their best speakers. You can get online, so I don't know that's true yet alright

  • I don't know if that's true yet. I will go ahead and crack it open and see what's up. Of course if it's bad

  • I'm gonna say so right

  • I have nothing to worry about so I'll be a pours hundred percent honest so by the way if you don't know what's your best?

  • Is so pretty much it's it's actually believe it or not. It's actually way more bitter than Amazon

  • You can actually get really really crazy a style with a lower price

  • Then buying it actually from Amazon like your best was literally kinda now

  • Took me up actually with a discount code a specialist on code crazy

  • Yes, discount code to just people watching the video right now

  • So I'm about to announce that discount code all the way at the end of the video so keep sticking around

  • They just crack it open man. They just crack it open

  • So hey guys, let's just go ahead and show what's good

  • Like to be honest with you, they look actually pretty good. All right. They look pretty good so my room right now is

  • Like like I'm a very very huge mess so I really hope that's not a problem right here's the other ones

  • Here is the speaker's they are indeed under

  • $100 so I'm not quite sure if the quality of this sound will be that good

  • So yeah, I'm about to stitch them out right now

  • Just to see what's good with the quality all right so like so far. I just say the iPhone is pretty good

  • So that's it for the speaker's now. Let's bring the big boy all right

  • It's literally way more bigger than I want to throw he's gonna be alright

  • So yeah, I just can see it looks pretty sick it at over here. We have the power on it off

  • we have the answers for the

  • Speakers and of course over here as you can see is where you can actually modify the best and the Tribble alright

  • So like it's pretty clear right. It's very clear. It looks very sick and now the time of truth

  • I'm really excited to hear the quality like hopefully I'm just hoping it's pretty good

  • Of course if it's bad, you will - that on a video of course and most importantly

  • I'll make sure to say it as well, so you have nothing to worry about so man. What are we waiting for?

  • Well, it just to us. Good um

  • I just booked into the woofer, so yeah

  • I forgot to notice that it actually came with a jack plug in as can see right here jack cable

  • What can actually plug it on the woofer and from the woofer?

  • he goes wherever you want on your phone on your computer like literally whatever you want and

  • Yeah, trying to plug the jack cable

  • So yeah Jack blocked in successfully so right now. I'm applaud these speakers alright the rebel speakers. Oh

  • Like the cable was pretty long to be honest with you someone plug the other one just over here

  • plucked insects so that was actually pretty smooth alright time with truth, so let's go ahead and

  • Play some music with a really crazy s bass

  • So let's go with mask off right oh

  • Oh shit man. Oh my god. Holy shit, dude I

  • Don't know if you can hear this man, but this is ridiculous, dude

  • Yeah like the best really sick, dude oh

  • My god

  • Like I don't know guys if you heard that I'm probably it's so cracking on the microphone

  • But I'd like to be honest with you like I'm pretty surprised once again guys for the 10th time

  • I'm saying this like I'm really really surprised like I'm not even kidding

  • I'm pretty surprised the quality is pretty amazing so yeah, I believe that's pretty much everything you guys

  • I really really hope you guys enjoyed watching this video cuz pretty much. I really really did making it alright

  • I'm not a be kidding. I'm pretty pretty glad. I got them

  • I want to give a huge shout out to gearbest like I hope you guys go ahead and check him out

  • I'm gonna leave their link down below in the description once again guys if you're looking for best speakers and

  • $300 like I don't know if you can find something better than this

  • Alright, so and the good part here that I'm actually giving you guys a discount code alright

  • I really really huge discount code that actually gearbest hook me up for - you guys just people who are watching this video

  • The discount code will make the product just literally

  • seventy dollars alright you can get these amazing speakers with literally just

  • $70 or just

  • $77 I'm not quite sure but pretty much the code is ash boy. Go ahead and use it

  • I'm gonna leave it that long description as well

  • Go ahead and use it as a coupon, and you will get a crazy-ass discount, so I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video

like and subscribe ;0 Oh bullshit, man

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