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  • My name's Alison, and I live in a small village

  • of Adderley where I run a small farm shop

  • called "Adderley wool farm shop".

  • This is Jack the lamb, he's a 6-month-old lamb

  • who is my new sheepdog.

  • Jack and Jessie are really good friends.

  • and they've been together since Jack was 2 days old.

  • Jack walked up to the house 1 day and just lay down with the dog.

  • And ever since then they've been inseparable.

  • He goes out into the field with Jessie and when Jessie's rounding up the sheep.

  • Jack also will try and round the sheep up with him.

  • And he is getting quite good at it now.

  • He brings the sheep back to the shed where they all sleep at night,

  • and then he comes back up to the porch and sleeps with the dog.

  • We're all in the process of teaching Jack a few tricks.

  • that the dog can do, like shaking hands and sitting

  • and my daughter is trying to get him to roll over.

  • When I take Jess and Jack out for a walk along the Shrops union canal,

  • and I pick up a stick and throw it for Jessie,

  • following Jessie, Jack will chase after the stick.

  • and on occasions Jack's managed to get there before Jessie

  • and has brought the stick back.

  • So we're really pleased and it's something that Jack's learned

  • over the last couple of weeks.

  • Jack's a very friendly sheep.

  • A little bit mischievous at times,

  • will steal Jessie's stick and run off and hide it.

  • But on the whole he's quite a sociable little chap

  • and he loves the people that go by on the canal.

  • The people in the barges on their holidays.

  • Jack's a very affectionate lamb and he loves to have the top of his head scratched.

  • between his ears, and I find that it makes him go to sleep eventually.

  • Eventually I'd like to see Jack return to the flock

  • and hopefully he would be an attraction for my small farm shop that we run here

  • But he won't end up like the rest of our lambs,

  • which unfortunately they end up as meat in the shop.

  • So hopefully he'll just remain a pet and part of the family for the rest of his life.

My name's Alison, and I live in a small village

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Jack the sheep who thinks he's a dog

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