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  • Anthony: Cristen would it weird you out if I told you I brought you here to talk about

  • farts?

  • Cristen: [Raspberry sound]

  • Anthony: That was a good one.

  • Anthony: Hey guys Anthony here for Dnews. I've got Cristen here with me with me.

  • Cristen: Hello.

  • Anthony: Hello, from Stuff Mom Never Told You.

  • Man, we had some questions. We got together and we were thinking about farts, you guys.

  • Cristen: Yeah, lots of questions about farts, and especially who farts more: women or men?

  • Anthony: Who farts more? Who farts worse? Who's more disgusting, basically, is kinda

  • what we're into.

  • We should start out by saying that we compared and, we didn't directly compare, we didn't

  • hang out and fart together all day, but according to studies, the average person, regardless

  • of gender, farts 10 times a day. Ten times a day.

  • Cristen: That seems like a lot of farting going on. What are farts made of? Why do they

  • stink so bad?

  • Anthony: Well the first ingredient of fart is hydrogen sulfide. So this is kinda that

  • poisonous, rotten egg smell, and this is the smell that does come from things like swamp

  • gas, sewers, maneur.

  • And it's kind of like when the exhaust from these rotting things are in an absence of

  • oxygen. And so that's actually coming out of your butt.

  • Cristen: That is so pleasant.

  • Anthony: Yeah it is about is actually poisonous. That's the thing. It is a legitimately poisonous

  • gas, although we don't have enough of it in our flatulence to actually poison ourselves,

  • thank goodness.

  • Cristen: That's good because I mean that would mean that dutch ovens could be lethal.

  • Anthony: Yeah methanethiol, which is the second thing, which I think I said right. I don't

  • know. Is the smell of decomposing vegetables. And also vegetable stew when you're cooking

  • vegetables.

  • And the third ingredient is dimethyl sulfide, which'm is a sweet smell, according to all

  • accounts.

  • This comes from corn, cabbage, beats, that sort of thing.

  • Cristen: It really does sound like something you'd bring to a potluck.

  • Anthony: What's interesting about this, is even though we all have the the same individual

  • components in our farts, everyone has a fart fingerprints.

  • Each of our farts is a little bit different and that could lead to why we don't mind the

  • smell of our own farts or notice them as much.

  • Cristen: Men, women: who's farting more?

  • Anthony: I'm gonna say women.

  • Cristen: Well, okay you're wrong.

  • Men fart more because, I mean you've got bigger bodies, so you gonna produce more fart. And

  • the amount of gas that men produce, per fart, is about half a cup.

  • Anthony: So that's four ounces, ten times a day, you are fartin a forty. Yeah think

  • about that, men.

  • So how about women? Where do you guys match up here?

  • Cristen: I mean we're farting less but not much less. We still produce about a third

  • of a cup, of fart, per fart.

  • Anthony: Huh, daintier for sure. But not that much.

  • So whose farts smell worse.

  • Cristen: Okay here's the thing. Women might produce daintier sized farts, but not daintier

  • smelling farts.

  • Because, and there has been research on this, there is imperical, peer-reviewed, evidence,

  • that women, ladies, we have stinkier farts.

  • Anthony: How do we cut down on these farts? How do we make these things stop?

  • Number one thing you can do is quit eating red meat.

  • Cristen: Yeah. That's actually been number one dietary culprit of farts.

  • Anthony: Broccoli, brussel sprouts, that's gonna make you fart, guys, don't eat those.

  • Cristen: And bad news for the weekend, if you're looking to blow off some steam. Beer.

  • Anthony: Blow off some steam. I see what you did there.

  • Cristen: Yeah, cause beer makes you fart. But, see there's an upside to this. Because

  • beer might make you fart more, but beer also makes you care less about farting more. So

  • I think the beer thing cancels itself out.

  • Anthony: So there it is. Men and women, equally farting, equally disgusting. It's kind of

  • a beautiful story.

  • You know this is normally where I would ask you a question. A question about the video.

  • I don't want to know how much you guys are farting.

  • I don't know that.

  • So we're not gonna ask that.

  • Instead we're gonna ask Cristen where can we see Stuff Mom Never Told You?

  • Cristen: You can see Stuff Mom Never Told You at

  • Anthony: There you go. Is entirely about farting? The show?

  • Cristen: Really only about every other video is about farting.

  • Anthony: So either way you're 50/50 you're covered by watching the show. And be sure

  • to subscribe here for more Dnews.

Anthony: Cristen would it weird you out if I told you I brought you here to talk about

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Men vs. Women: Who Farts More?

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