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  • D-Does that d-

  • Do I sound sick?

  • Alright!

  • Hi there my pretty chickies!

  • I'm sick!

  • Can you hear it in the sound of my freaking uvula

  • Being twice as big as the average one?

  • But I can't just wait until I don't sound like kermit the frog anymore

  • Because this is a video for charity!

  • By a show of haaa-shtags, how many of you guys like to feel warm and fuzzy inside?

  • Oh okay, everybody? You're gonna love this video!

  • I'm partnering with M&M's to kick off the #makemlaugh 30 days of laughs challenge

  • So you and I and everyone we know can help raise money for children in poverty

  • Through the Red Nose Day fund just by using a hashtag and doing some cool challenges

  • And to kick things off I need to come up with my own challenge for everybody to do

  • I'm just- I'm not an expert at making challenges

  • Eat a coughdrops challenge

  • The sleep challenge

  • Yeah that's not gonna work

  • So I've been doing extensive research to come up with my own challenge

  • And now I can present to you the "Evolution of the Challenge" video

  • And since the very dawn of time challenges have been a thing

  • For example, history's first recorded challenge

  • Where Oog drew himself and his friend Ugg doing the "wooly mammoth challenge"

  • Humans love a good challenge

  • Just look at institutions like the Roman Colosseum, the Olympic games, high heels...

  • And the first big Youtube challenge hit on a day like any other

  • I was looking at myself in the mirror to see if I had somehow become a different person overnight

  • "Nope, still me"

  • When out of nowhere, I... smelled it

  • "Cinnamon..."

  • The success of cinnamon challenge videos lead to all sorts of other stuff

  • Ghost Chili Challenge

  • Which has a remarkable lack of both chili and ghosts

  • Much less chilly ghosts!

  • Gallon Challenge

  • Which is basically: you just drink a gallon of milk by yourself

  • Which I accidentally did anyway after the Ghost Chili Challenge

  • Ice Bucket Challenge

  • Super prejudiced against people who lived in warmer climates

  • Like my ice cap melting before I could carve it into a proper bucket

  • Planking

  • Which is just like a total rip off of pirates, am I right?

  • And then came a dark period for challenge videos you know exactly what I'm talking about

  • But I'll say it anyway: the chubby bunny controversy

  • People everywhere decried it as "offensive"

  • And "get away from me I don't care at all"

  • Need we forget the great 2014 case of Perky vs the town of Graceffa-ville

  • My client has experienced deep psychological trauma for being shamed for her body

  • Yes, challenges kind of had a fall from grace, I know

  • But I am here in honor of the #makemlaugh 30 days of laughs challenge

  • To bring the glory back to challenges everywhere

  • For the next 30 days, M&M's will be issuing a daily challenge

  • To help impoverished youth through the Red Nose Day fund

  • And for every use of the hashtag they will donate 1 dollar

  • 1 hashtag equals 1 dollar

  • Up to 500,000$ for kids who need it

  • Join me on the first challenge that I've made up

  • It is... (drumrolls)

  • In honor of the evolutionary nature of this video

  • And my general lack of leaving my bedroom I present...

  • The tree hugger challenge !

  • Take a selfie with some foliage

  • To illustrate your intense passionate love affair with nature

  • Remember to hashtag it with #makemlaugh and let's raise some freaking money for kids in need

D-Does that d-

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