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  • Aliaaaaaaaa~

  • We swapped cars

  • We were having an argument about who was driving

  • Because I have a 4 seater car

  • JL's got a 4 seater car

  • But there's 5 of us now

  • And Henna's the one with a 5 seater car

  • But she's never driven on the motorway before

  • Never

  • So we're breaking her motorway virginity today lol

  • Hello camera!

  • And she's on the motorway!

  • Applause!

  • I feel awkward

  • There you go, that's all you're getting

  • Well done!

  • I don't even know how to feel

  • I'm literally sweating so much

  • Oh no! They're all coming!

  • Cheers, guys!

  • This is Deeksha

  • Hello!

  • I haven't been in one of these...ever - For like ages

  • I think I've still got you in Burger King

  • OMG not my Indian accent one?

  • Yeah...basically I've been vlogging since I was like....16 or something?

  • Even before Youtube existed, I was still vlogging

  • This is TT, and she is going to show you how to make PP (pani puri)

  • Well what can I say? It's been a big big big big massive pleasure for all you guys to come here and spend time-

  • * fake crying* It's a really really happy moment!

  • Are you crying?

  • YES!

  • Don't come too close yeah, I haven't got tears yet

  • And Leah's not here

  • Message for Leah, anyone?

  • Miss you Leah!

  • I haven't seen you in what, 2 years?

  • It's been a long time...

  • I've still got our video from Madame Tussauds

  • What are we doing today?

  • We're going to Madame Tussauds to see some statues

  • OH! HI!

  • I forgot what I was going to ask you now

  • (posh accent attempt lol) OMG what did I do, what's it like?

  • I don't get ittttttttt~ (private joke lol)

  • Teresa Teresa Teresa! How did them posh people speak?

  • (posh attempt lol) I'd like to go that partayyyyyyy

  • I can't move in this car lol


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Vlog - 15+ Years of Friendship

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