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  • We're in Brooklyn, New York.

  • at the NAIL BOUTIQUE salon.

  • Jazelle is a care giver, spending the day with her patient, Bill.

  • Come on, Bill we're gonna be late. "Late?"

  • He suffers from Alzheimers, but instead of giving him some much needed mental therapy, this day at the spa is all about Jazelle.

  • "Now I do this every week, I take him out, spend his money, and then drag him back off at the home."

  • "Where are we?"

  • "Come on, Bill. Gimme your wallet."

  • That's right, Gazelle is taking a personal day.

  • -And it's all on Bill's tab.

  • "Thank you."

  • A caregiver who couldn't care less.

  • "I do NOT get paid enough for this.."

  • What would you do?

  • *sigh*

  • " Hello? Hey! I am in the nail shop getting my nails done on the job.

  • *laughs*

  • While Gazelle chats away, her patient gets...impatient.

  • "What are you doing?"

  • "I'm fixing my nails."

  • "Bill."

  • Immediately, Gazelle wants Bill to stop making friends, and start making payments.

  • "How am I supposed to pay for my nails if your card doesn't work?"

  • "I don't know."

  • "Don't take my money, that's my money!

  • "It's fine."

  • "He's not even gonna remember in five minutes he just... resets."

  • "He's not going to remember you asking for his credit card number?"

  • "No."

  • "Oh" "I mean it's expensive, I gotta be with him all day."

  • "I mean yea I kinda figured it out." *laughs*

  • "You should try it."

  • "No, I... Actually have to give back to, you know, the community and society in an honest way."

  • "Are you trying to say what i'm doing is wrong?"

  • "It is."

  • "You don't know can't be serious." *laughs*

  • But she is serious, and now this woman can't stay silent any longer."

We're in Brooklyn, New York.

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Caregiver Takes Advantage of Patient With Dementia | What Would You Do? | WWYD

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