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  • learning English as a second language

  • these are the 6 tools that helped me along the way

  • when I discovered audiobooks

  • I was like

  • Oh my gosh

  • where have I lived all this time?

  • because

  • I love or enjoy

  • somebody reading to you

  • as you commute or do your daily chorus

  • laundry

  • or just

  • I don't know sometimes, when you are at work

  • the task is sort of repetitive

  • it's nice

  • when you are listening to someone reading a story a thriller

  • in terms of speaking

  • it could be quite difficult to find opportunities

  • when you live in a country that doesn't speak the language you practice

  • so HelloTalk is a genius app that allows you to pair with a partner or a chat buddy

  • that speaks the language you want to practice

  • in return, you teach them your native language

  • you can also use it as a Facebook for status update, pictures

  • there is also a built-in translation feature which benefits the lazy people

  • because you can directly translate anything you want to say in the app

  • if you mainly want to practice your reading and writing

  • here are a few tools that I use on a daily basis and I mean daily basis

  • Curiosity app is for people who are curious or just have a lot of time to read random knowledge

  • it's really cool because there's a lot of different topics

  • Flipboard

  • if you are more entwined with the world these days

  • which you can get news

  • it serves like a newspaper app

  • BBC, CNN

  • you can customize what you want to see instead of letting them tell you what to read

  • if you haven't seen the Grammarly ad on Youtube

  • I tried it and I completely fell in love with it

  • it's basically a private, personal tutor

  • that corrects your English writing

  • so you have the extension installed on your Chrome

  • it helps you with your grammar, writing, conjunctions

  • your anything

  • it also teaches you it doesn't only correct what you write

  • it also gives you the reason why you should change your content

  • last but not least

  • I think everybody can guess this it's Netflix

  • it's basically a movie platform which you pay $10 or $11 to subscribe

  • to watch movies

  • I'm sure there are tons of movie platforms out there you can utilize

  • to immerse yourself into the culture

  • because, with that, that's how you learn a language faster and with ease

  • people think communication is the sole reason why you would learn a new language

  • but for me, the most valuable takeaway is that the resources are available and accessible to me

  • in both languages

  • so I can go on Google and search in both English and Mandarin Chinese

  • and I get information and resources in both the languages

  • to me, this is something really valuable

  • I don't know what's your reason for learning a new language?

  • I will post all the links and resources down below check them out

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6 Fun Tools to Learning English Faster

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