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  • Hi, My name is Aamir Khan

  • and I am an actor from India.

  • Dangal have two parts.

  • One when I am young

  • and I am very fit wrestler.

  • And one when I am old

  • when I am fat.

  • so,

  • I discussed with director...

  • and we decided that..

  • we will do the fat part first.

  • So,

  • I had to start putting on weight.

  • And I put on 27 kg.

  • and from 9% body fat

  • I went to 38% body fat.

  • And then will be finish shooting the fat part...

  • I took 5 moths gap.

  • And those 5 months...

  • I reduced my weight.

  • and reduced my fat.

  • From 38% body fat

  • I came down to 9% body fat.

  • Well,

  • I could have shot the young portion first

  • then I was fit

  • and then I shoot the fat portion

  • When the film shooting is over...

  • I will be 97% kg.

  • And I haven't any reason to lose the weight.

  • Ok 9%

  • *9.67%*

  • Yes!

  • *background music*

  • So it's film about the empowerment of the girl child

  • India is a largely ... society

  • everybody wants....

  • and also..

  • there is a lot of child marriages girls like 12 years old, 13, 14 years old

  • they are married at very young age.

  • Satyameva Jayathe is a talk show I did.

  • a lot of the topics were also connected to women's issues.

  • We had domestic violence.

  • Child sexual abuse.

  • never any censorship...

  • the government never try to stop us...

  • ...say this on T.V.

  • So, there is lot of laws that government has made

  • but it is time for people change their thinking.

  • "Look"

Hi, My name is Aamir Khan

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