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  • There is something about it that is quite joyous.

  • It has a presence and an energy that when you see it,

  • you can't help sort of go, "Ahh, aren't you sweet?"

  • Vernon Guest, who is the producer of the event, and Lieven

  • put this proposal to me that they had this very large duck.

  • It's about five storeys.

  • So you have to open the bridge and the monorail

  • to get this thing into Darling Harbour.

  • - Well, we did a rehearsal.

  • We started at 5:30, I guess.

  • They found out today that you don't want to pull it, you want to push it.

  • And we have, like, two metres spare on the bridge,

  • one metre either side.

  • - (Patrick) Every time Florentijn presents this work,

  • a new duck is created in response to the site.

  • - (Florentijn) I can assure you, there are many different types of rubber duck.

  • With a big face, with a small beak, big beak.

  • I try to find the perfect one.

  • It brings back memories, you know, to your childhood.

  • And everybody had a childhood.

  • The rubber duck connects everyone.

  • - (Patrick) We sort of took that idea of enchantment and the child

  • and all the pleasure of having a bath

  • and that became the inspiration for putting together

  • what is, in the end, really a 90-minute party.

  • A boy turns up in a bath tub.

  • He's there to have a bath and he's looking for a duck to have a bath with.

  • There is a 40-voice choir,

  • 14 of some of the best acrobats in the country,

  • a marching brass band,

  • 40 saxophone players

  • who play a quackophony. (LAUGHS)

  • - (Florentijn) It seems a very simple project,

  • like it's an inflatable, you blow it up and that's it.

  • But it's a circle pontoon, custom-made.

  • If there's too much wind, you have to abort the project.

  • So I cross my fingers in hope that Saturday we have, like, a nice breeze.

  • The project has been now on for almost ten years

  • and it has been a success all over the world.

  • It's about one family and you have to take care of each other in the world.

  • And our global waterways, it's our bath tub and we have to take care of it.

  • It will stay in place till the end of the festival

  • and I hope everybody will come and see it.

  • - I don't know what's going to happen to the duck.

  • Perhaps it's set adrift and goes looking for another home somewhere else.

  • It's a question you're gonna have to ask the duck, I'm sorry.

There is something about it that is quite joyous.

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Festival TV: Rubber Duck

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