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  • The first man's name was Kiki.

  • He wore such little pants.

  • His brother was a champion,

  • but Kiki loved to dance.

  • The second man was Choo Choo,

  • a master of romance.

  • He loved the damsel in distress,

  • but not as much as dance.

  • And then one day it happened.

  • They went off to the world.

  • They went on to a journey

  • Idolized by boys and girls.

  • They learned so many lessons

  • in all the foreign lands.

  • But no matter where they wound up,

  • they never stopped the dance.

  • One day inside the station,

  • in Amsterdam perchance,

  • the man were standing side by side

  • by the man with the crooked glance.

  • Then turned to face each other.

  • It was just happened stance

  • that this two men would meet that day

  • and do that faithful dance.

  • Wow, you can really dance.

  • Wow, you can really dance.

  • He went (Dum, Dum, Dum)

  • He went (Dum, Dum, Dum)

  • They said: "We've both been dancing all this time.

  • What a Coincidence!"

  • And since they danced together,

  • like no one's danced before,

  • The diplomats were dancing

  • then cancelled the orders of the war. (no more~)

  • The whole world celebrated

  • with no more violence.

  • And all because these men crossed path.

  • What a Coincidance!


  • Let's dance!

The first man's name was Kiki.

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A2 BEG US dance dum dum dum dance dance choo kiki


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