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  • hey YouTube it's GxAce here with a quick review of the 7artisans

  • 50-millimeter 1.1 Lens for Leica M-Mount. This lens is pretty interesting, it's a

  • $370 M-Mount 50-millimeter 1.1 lens

  • which is pretty crazy. It's made by a Chinese company in Shenzhen called

  • 7artisans. They have a line of a few lenses that are all ridiculously

  • low-priced. Build quality is fantastic, it feels like

  • a Leica-made lens. It feels like it's made out of brass it's actually made out

  • of anodized aluminum. Finish is awesome it matches the Leica M6 pretty closely.

  • Looks really cool on this camera. The lens clicks into place really solidly so

  • there isn't any kind of like manufacturing flaws in my copy of the

  • lens. I've heard some other reviews on Amazon talking about poor build quality

  • like quality control with you know some of the aperture ring like coming loose and like

  • falling off or something I mean this one feels as high quality as the

  • Voigtlander lenses that I have. It feels pretty substantial in the hand which is

  • awesome. The aperture is very smooth moving, the focus is extremely smooth,

  • definitely yeah feels high quality. The lens actually comes pretty decently

  • packed. The box looks pretty nice and the logo in the front with a red seven on it. The

  • lens package inside of laser-cut foam so it's pretty nice when you open it up

  • inside the box there's a focusing chart and a little screw driver that's

  • actually there to give you the option to calibrate the back or front focus. If you

  • have any issues with those there's instructions in Chinese and English.

  • Comes with a little screw driver for doing that as well too. My package came

  • with a little focusing tab that's adhesive that you can stick on the lens

  • similar to other rangefinder lenses. It also comes with a metal friction-fit

  • lens cap that has the logo on the front and feels very high quality too. So this

  • lens is 50-millimeter 1.1 it goes one point one all the way to f/16. The

  • aperture ring is be clicked which is kind of nifty kind of sucks depends on

  • what you use it for. Video it's nice because you can change your aperture

  • smoothly. Film shooters and people that are using it kind of for photos might

  • find it annoying because you can't tell by feel what aperture you're at. The

  • minimum focus distance on this lens is 0.7 meters or 2-feet

  • There's also a hyper focal distance scale on the on the lens which is really

  • useful for zone focusing. I was actually pretty surprised by the

  • image quality of the lens. I wasn't really expecting a whole lot since it's

  • a kind of a knockoff of a Notcilux but wide open the lens is actually decently

  • sharp in the center although the corners are pretty soft. The lens sharpens up a

  • lot even as soon as you get to 1.4 and then quite a bit by 2.8

  • and f/4. The corners are pretty bad wide open even by f/8 and f/16 the lens

  • still has a pretty soft corner so as long as you're not framing super far

  • into the corners it shouldn't be a huge issue because the center does sharpen up

  • quite a bit. The lens also displays a kind of interesting glowing effect to

  • some of the highlights that I think is actually pretty cool. So this lens actually

  • vignettes quite a bit wide open it gets a little bit better by the time you get

  • to f/4. I've found that using the ZY Optics 50-millimeter lens

  • calibration preset in Lightroom actually gets me pretty close to adjusting

  • for the vignetting and the barrel distortion

  • at f/1.1. When you're at the close focus distance on this lens the

  • bokeh is kind of crazy it looks busy kind of looks like it's

  • shooting into the center of the frame like you're zooming a lens in real quick

  • while you're taking a picture, so it kind of looks like there's motion

  • pointing towards the center of the frame and it sort of changes depending on the

  • distance you are from your subject but I guess some people might like and you can

  • use it creatively but it might be a little intense for everyone

  • all the time. It's actually a pretty decent lens. I was very surprised I

  • thought it was going to suck and it kind of didn't, so it's pretty cool.

  • Yeah $370 for a 50 millimeter lens that goes on Leica M-Mount it it's pretty

  • cool. so yeah there'll be more videos like this in the future so like and

  • subscribe!

hey YouTube it's GxAce here with a quick review of the 7artisans

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$400 Leica KILLER!? The full-frame 7Artisans 50mm f1.1 Review with samples.

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    Amy.Lin   posted on 2017/09/21
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