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  • Now harry, you just have recently played a secret show in

  • -London. -Yeah, in London.

  • >> James: which is your first show playing that the new stuff.

  • How did it go, how was it?

  • >> It was good. It was very warm.

  • It was very sweaty.

  • >> James: But you wanted it to be sweaty,

  • >> No, it was very fun, I did, yeah.

  • >> James: You wanted it to feel sweaty.

  • >> Yeah, it was good.

  • A lot of friends came and stuff.

  • It was a fun show, .

  • >> James: Yeah, but you did-- you did the show in London, a couple

  • of nights after you had done a smaller show in new york.

  • >> Yes.

  • >> James: Where you attempted your first ever stage dance.

  • >> first ever stage dance.

  • >> James: How did that go?

  • >> I would say it is not doesn't feel as cool as you

  • -think it was going to feel. -what did you think it was going

  • to feel like in your head.

  • >> I thought it would feel like flying, I thought I was going to

  • be like this is the most amazing feeling ever and instead it was

  • like i should get up now.

  • >> James: They didn't even catch you.

  • >> No, they did, but it was kind of like a float and then sink hole.

  • It was a bit-- it wasn't the best.

  • >> James: So they didn't push you back over the whole

  • audience, you sort of fell down.

  • >> Fell down.

  • >> James: And then got molested.

  • >> I may or may not have kicked someone in the face.

  • It was like kind of a-- It was an all out brawl, I think she

  • was faking if I'm honest.

  • >> James: You're basically jack black in school of rock.

  • >> RightT.

  • >> James: Trying a terrible stage dive.

  • >> Kind of

  • It was my first one, I felt like this is the time to try it.

  • I was wrong.

  • >> James: You're in new york, let's go for it.

  • >> I WAS WRONG.

  • >> James: Will you try again at any point.

  • >> I would say no.

  • >> James: Right.

  • One time only.

  • >> Yeah, maybe.

  • >> James: That's a shame.

  • >> Unless, maybe the mood will strike.

  • >> James: Who knows, we'll find out.

  • Now Aron, you are known-- (cheers and applause).

  • >> James: I wonder if you could, I wonder if you could?


  • >> James: We need enough strong bodies. You're strong,

  • The woman here-- I just saw a woman look at her friend and go

  • "Get his pants down, get his pants down."

Now harry, you just have recently played a secret show in

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Harry Styles' First Stage Dive Didn't Go Well

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