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  • So I need to draw a picture of me and my mommy?

  • How tall is your mom?

  • I think she's like 40 kilograms or something

  • From here to that brick

  • What does your mom do around the house?

  • She cooks the dinner. She does my hair. She does my homework with me.

  • Cause my dad, Adam, doesn't do any cleaning so my mom has to do all the cleaning.

  • She kindly does a lot. She really does a lot.

  • Like, she dresses me up for school, and... like every single day.

  • What is your mom's favorite drink?

  • Rose'.

  • Wine or beer, probably champagne.

  • Um... I think its like wine, but its definitely not beer.

  • What is your mom's favorite TV show?

  • Uh...

  • Umm.. I don't... I think its the news, definitely the news.

  • You know those TV shows like when there's singers,

  • -and they're doing a competition.

  • That's her favorite TV show.

  • I'm just finishing my mommy.

  • She loves the color black. Like that's all she wears.

  • That's the best hands I can do.

  • They look like chicken feet.

  • But I done the hair kinda right, but-

  • I'm not really sure about the body.

  • Why do you love your mom?

  • Because...

  • She's my mommy and she's always nice to me.

  • I don't know, she's just really kind and funny and...

  • She's mostly on my side in an argument so...

  • And she loves me a lot. That's really all.

  • That's the most important part.

  • The last one.

  • The most important part.

  • And this is probably a very bad drawing.

  • What is it again? Ok, I'll get it right.

  • Ok. Cut. Tape 2.

So I need to draw a picture of me and my mommy?

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Kids Draw And Describe Their Moms

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