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  • No two children are the same.

  • And in this day and age, they are complicated.

  • But the one thing that stays the same is the importance of regular and adequate water consumption.

  • Over half of all children are under hydrated.

  • This may result in poor health, cognitive problems, and poor emotional development.

  • Introducing Gululu, a one-of-a-kind water bottle and virtual pet

  • that analyzes your drinking needs based on individual parameters.

  • BPA-free and complying with US FDA standards.

  • Making a healthy drinking habit again.

  • An expression of self and a stepping stone to a healthy lifestyle.

  • And instead of being a technology that gets between us.

  • Gululu brings us together.

  • Gululu is the first step toward

  • independence and responsible habits of a healthy lifestyle and bright successful future.

  • And what parent wouldn't want that?

  • Gu~ lu~ lu~~~~ ♪

No two children are the same.

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Three Children - Gululu the interactive bottle that keeps kids hydrated

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