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  • Hey Charlie! Hey Charlie wake up! - Yeah Charlie, you silly sleepy head, wake up!

  • Oh god you guys, this better be pretty freaking important.

  • Is the meadow on fire?

  • No Charlie, we found a map to Candy Mountain, Candy Mountain! Charlie!

  • Yeah Charlie, we're going to Candy Mountain!

  • Come with us Charlie! - Yeah Charlie, it will be an adventure.

  • We're going on an adventure! Charlie!

  • Yeah, Candy Mountain right, I'm just gonna, you know, go back to sleep now.

  • No-oo-ooo! Charlie, you have to come with us to Candy Mountain.

  • Yeah Charlie. Candy Mountain, it's the land of sweets and joy ..

  • and joyness.

  • Please stop bouncing on me!

  • Candy Mountain Charlie! - Yeah Candy Mountain!

  • Alright fine, I'll go with you to Candy Mountain.

  • La La La La La La La La La La La La

  • Enough with the singing already.

  • Our first stop is over there Charlie!

  • Oh God, what is that?

  • It's a Liopleurodon Charlie! - A magical Liopleurodon!

  • It's going to guide our way to Candy Mountain.

  • All right guys, you do know there is no actual Candy Mountain right?

  • Shun the non-believer! - Shunnn! - Shunnnnnah!

  • Yeah.

  • Roar sound

  • It has spoken! - It has told us the way!

  • It didn't say anything!

  • It's just over this bridge Charlie, this magical bridge of hope and wonder!

  • Is anyone else like covered in splinters? Seriously guys, we shouldn't be on this thing.

  • Charlie, Charli--ee, Charrr-leee, Charrrrr.

  • I'm right here what do you want?

  • We're on a bridge Charlie!

  • We're here.

  • Well what do you know, there actually is a Candy Mountain!

  • Candy Mountain, Candy Mountain, you fill me with sweet sugary goodness.

  • Go inside the Candy Mountain cave Charlie!

  • Yeah Charlie, go inside the cave! Magical wonders are to behold when you enter.

  • Yeah thanks! But no, thanks, I'm going to stay out here.

  • But you have to enter the Candy Mountain candy cave Charlie!

  • --Music intro--

  • Oh when you're down and looking for some cheering up,

  • then just head right up to the Candy Mountain cave!

  • When you get inside you'll find yourself a cheery land,

  • and such a happy and joyful and perky merry land!

  • They've got lollipops and gummy drops and candy things.

  • Oh so many things that will brighten up your day.

  • It's impossible to wear a frown in candy town!

  • It's the mecca of love and candy cave.

  • They've got jelly beans and coconuts and little hats.

  • Candy wraps, chocolate bats, it's a wonderland of sweets!

  • Ride the candy train to town and hear the candy band.

  • Candy bells, it's a treat as they march across the land!

  • Cherry ribbons stream across the sky and to the ground.

  • Turn around, it astounds, its a dancing candy tree

  • and the candy cane imagination runs so free!

  • So, now Charlie please will you go into the cave?

  • Alright fine, I'll go into the freak'in candy cave!

  • This had better be good.

  • Yeahhhh - Goodbye Charlie - Yeah, goodbye Charlie!

  • Goodbye what?

  • Hey! What's going on here?

  • Hello? Who is that?

  • Oh god, what happened?

  • God! They took my freak'in kidney!

  • --Music---

Hey Charlie! Hey Charlie wake up! - Yeah Charlie, you silly sleepy head, wake up!

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Charlie the Unicorn

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