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  • On the banks of the Sarawak River, very near to the Equator, stands Kuching,

  • the capital of Sarawak and the most populous city in Borneo.

  • Kuching has a colorful history which reads like a romantic adventure novel,

  • but it also has a lot to offer to modern-day travelers.

  • Endowed with a bounty of cultural and architectural treasures,

  • visitors are advised to set aside at least a few days here

  • to truly appreciate Kuching's magical appeal.

  • There are numerous museums to explore, including the Sarawak Museum,

  • which is considered one of the finest in the whole of South-East Asia.

  • Kuching is home to many fine historic buildings, such as Fort Margherita,

  • and the Astana, the former palace of the White Rajahs.

  • Beneath her modern skyline, the heart of old Kuching pulsates with vibrant lanes,

  • shop houses, and markets that have changed little over the decades.

  • Famed for beautiful sunsets,

  • Kuching is a city that likes to stay up late

  • as the locals and visitors mingle in the many cafes, bars, and restaurants

  • along the waterfront.

  • Kuching is also an ideal base from which to explore

  • the surrounding national parks and nearby beach resorts.

  • But perhaps the best way to experience the area is to paddle up the river

  • on one of the popular kayak tours.

  • Immersed in a green world of towering trees and nature's sights and sounds,

  • modern travelers can experience a Borneo that has changed little through the years.

  • Being so close to the best of Sarawak, and home to relaxed and friendly people,

  • it's not hard to see why the City of Cats

  • is considered one of Malaysia's best-kept secrets.

On the banks of the Sarawak River, very near to the Equator, stands Kuching,

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Kuching - City Video Guide

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