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  • Hello Everyone!

  • Welcome to the first installment of a new series I have been working on for you folks

  • -- Wargame Tips & Tactics.

  • It will be primarily aimed towards people who already have a basic understanding of

  • Wargame’s mechanics and gameplay, and who want to learn some more advanced tricks and

  • maneuvers to pull off in game to get an edge on their opponent.

  • ...And what better way to start the series than with one of the most underused and underrated

  • mechanics in the game, smoke?

  • When used appropriately, smoke can allow you to turn the tide of battle in your favor,

  • and overcome obstacles you wouldn’t have been able to.

  • It’s one of the most powerful tools to manipulate the battlefield in your arsenal, and it’s capabilities are

  • often overlooked.

  • For those that aren’t familiar with smoke usage, smoke can be deployed from nearly all

  • tube artillery pieces in game, as well as a few select MLRS systems.

  • A unit’s ability to deploy smoke will be indicated by the [SMK] tag on the respective

  • unit’s stat-card, as is highlighted here.

  • Smoke, when it is deployed, acts to break line of sight, and this can be taken advantage

  • of in a variety of ways.

  • One means in which you can utilize this to you advantage is through changing engagement

  • ranges.

  • For a moment, place yourself in the position of the OPFOR player here, attempting to deal

  • with a much more capable M1A2 Abrams in open terrain, with a handful of inferior tanks,

  • whose guns are incapable of penetrating the Abram’s armor until they have closed distance.

  • As the Abrams is free to engage them as they attempt to close the gap, it’s a slaughter.

  • OPFOR’s T-80s didn’t stand a chance.

  • With proper smoke usage, however, our OPFOR player can get much more utility out of their

  • T-80s, by forcing the engagement to occur at a significantly shorter range.

  • By closing the distance without taking casualties, OPFOR’s numerical superiority allows them

  • to overwhelm the lone M1A2.

  • You can use this tactic with other types of units, as well.

  • Screening infantry assaults on forests with smoke can allow you to move infantry across

  • open terrain while minimizing losses, allowing them to get into position to deal with vehicle

  • threats more appropriately with their shoulder-launched AT.

  • Another good way to utilize smoke is to mask your movement, denying your opponent valuable

  • intel on the location of your units, and making it more difficult for them to react to your

  • actions and positioning.

  • In this scenario, careful use of smoke to block my opponent’s vision allows me to

  • sneak a recon squad into a much more aggressive spotting position, revealing the location

  • of many of my opponent’s units, allowing me to make a more informed plan to deal with

  • my opponent’s unit composition, as well as making them vulnerable to shelling.

  • The last concept I’d like to leave you with is that of using smoke to prevent engagements

  • from occurring at all, orDividing & Conqueringyour opponents, by cutting off their supporting

  • assets.

  • In the situation at hand here, I’d like to deal with my opponent’s weaker tank in

  • open ground using my own tank that is currently fielded.

  • However, without smoke usage I am doomed to fail.

  • Infantry ATGM squads positioned in the towns on either side of my tank will make damn sure of that.

  • However, If we use our supporting mortars to lay down smokescreens preventing those ATGM squads

  • from having line of sight to our tank, we can proceed with the engagement as if they

  • weren’t present at all.

  • Without line of sight, his supporting assets are useless, and our tank is able to do the

  • job it’s meant to without any pesky Konkurs missiles finding it’s side.

  • In any scenario where your opponent has supporting assets separated by by even a fairly small

  • distance from his other units, you can utilize this method to your advantage.

  • A unit cut off from its support will always be more vulnerable than it would be otherwise.

  • If you found this video informative or entertaining, or want to see more videos like it in the

  • future, feel free to let me know, as itll likely encourage me to put more work into

  • content like this for you in the future.

  • As it currently stands, I have plans to put out a few more videos like this in the coming

  • weeks, and I hope to see you then.

  • Till next time, folks!

  • *Awesome music*

  • *Seriously, you should listen to it :P*

Hello Everyone!

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Wargame Tips & Tactics - Smoke Employment

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