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  • Oh, hey, guys. I'm Alex. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this lesson on

  • "House Cleaning Vocabulary". So, most of us, we have to deal with house cleaning. Cleaning

  • our homes is one of the most basic things that we do on our weekends or during the week.

  • So, let's look at some common verbs, as well as some common nouns that you can use to talk

  • about house cleaning.

  • Number one, obviously the most basic verb, is: "clean". So, you can use the verb "clean"

  • to talk about anything. You can clean the floor, clean the window, clean a wall, clean

  • a table, clean a chair. That's all you need to know about the verb "clean".

  • Next, we have the verb: "sweep". So: "Sweep the floor with a broom." Does anyone know

  • what a broom is? That's right. This is a broom. Okay? And sweeping is the action of doing

  • this. So, you sweep the floor with a broom. Okay?

  • Now, once you sweep the floor, you might want to, you know, clean it a little more maybe

  • with some water and some soap. And if you want to clean the floor with some water and

  • some soap, what you are doing is you're probably mopping the floor with a mop. Now, I don't

  • have a mop with me today, but it's best to think of a mop as like a broom with a wet

  • part at the end. So, mopping, you're going whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. You're mopping

  • the floor with a mop. The verb and the noun are the exact same thing.

  • Next up, we have "vacuum". Now, what is a vacuum? Let me show you. There we have a vacuum.

  • And it's similar to "mop" where the verb and the noun are the exact same thing. So, you

  • can vacuum with a vacuum, just like you can mop with a mop. All right?

  • Next, we have the verb: "wipe". And "wipe" can be used in many contexts as well. So,

  • if I have let's say... Let's imagine this is a piece of cloth. I can wipe off the table

  • with a cloth, for example. Or you... I can wipe off the board if it's dirty. So, "to

  • wipe" is this action. Okay? And, again, you can use the preposition "off" as a phrasal

  • verb, so you can wipe off a table or wipe off a board, for example.

  • Next, we have the verb: "scrub". Now, "scrub" is very often used when you're cleaning, you

  • know, your bathroom, or the bathtub, or the walls in your bathroom. And if you have tiles,

  • which are, again, the square pieces like in a bathroom, you can scrub them. Okay? And

  • normally, what you need is a brush to scrub, not a toothbrush, but, you know, a cleaning

  • brush or what you can call a scrubbing pad. So, to really get that hard clean, to scrub

  • stuff around your toilet, or around your bathtub, or around the walls in your bathroom. Okay?

  • And finally, you can use the word: "Dust (or dust off) the table with a duster." Now, "dust"

  • is something which accumulates over time on tables, on pretty much anything. Imagine it

  • as being the little particles that build up over time if you don't touch something. So,

  • if you can [do this to a book or to a table, you will see dust flying off of it, and you

  • need a duster to dust off the dust. Okay?

  • So, to review, the most common verb you can use in house cleaning is "clean". You can

  • sweep the floor with a broom. You can mop the floor with a mop. You can vacuum the floor

  • or the carpet with a vacuum. You can wipe a table with a cloth. And you can scrub tiles

  • with a brush or a scrub pad. And you can also dust a table with a duster.

  • If you'd like to test your understanding of this vocabulary, as always, you can check

  • out the quiz on And don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

  • Back to work.


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