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  • Alright you guys,

  • I am here at the athlete's village in Taipei,

  • and I am about to start the athlete's village tour.

  • This is the place where all the athletes live at

  • while we're here competing in Taipei.

  • We get to eat here, we get to shop here, we get to sleep.

  • Everything here, there's workout places,

  • I'm really excited to show you guys cause it's a really cool place!

  • This is the cafeteria. It's where we come in here as athletes to eat.

  • They have all different kinds of food,

  • I'm gonna show you guys a little bit about what it's like,

  • but pretty much you can get anything,

  • whether you're weight cutting or you're trying to get prepared for a competition,

  • they have it all.

  • Or you're just hungry, which is us!

  • Ok, let's check it out.

  • Alright, that was the cafeteria and we're going to continue around the village

  • Alright, here is the map, let's get going.

  • So right here is a beauty salon where you can get your hair, spa,

  • makeup, manicure and everything done here.

  • Currency exchange, exchange your money.

  • Post office, send mail stuff back home.

  • Here is the place where athletes have ice baths to recover from a competition.

  • We have a florist here in case we want to buy any flowers after anyone wins medals.

  • We have dry cleaning.

  • Police station!

  • Now we're at convenience store, everything we might need.

  • Hello!

  • This literally just looks like a gas station convenience store from back to the USA.

  • Pretty cool!

  • Here are the game rooms, to come and hang out at.

  • I'm going in.

  • Hello!

  • We just walk into the VR station and I'm gonna try it out.

  • Wow!

  • Wow, I fell!

  • I am right now standing on top of a mountain,

  • I've been climbing it, my little blade thingy

  • is holding me onto the rock, and down there,

  • I can see the cliff.

  • I'm barely standing, I'm trying not to move

  • so I don't fall.

  • Thank you!

  • That was insanely cool, I didn't know that we had a VR station here.

  • So we had to try it out on our way to the athlete's village!

  • Hi guys, I'm in flag plaza!

  • All the flags here are from every country that is here competing,

  • I think it's a hundred and six total country could be somewhere else there.

  • Here is the laundry room.

  • Souvenir shop!

  • Beary!

  • Hi beary!

  • This is where team Taipei lives.

  • Taipei lives here?

  • Yeah, Taipei!

  • Our last stop is our rooms.

  • This is team U.S.A's room over here.

Alright you guys,

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