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  • So, Mass Effect 2. It's almost here. You've got your copy pre-ordered and you're just

  • about through re-playing the original game so that the save file you import into the

  • sequel is fresh in your memory. Congratulations! You've almost made it. But in case you're

  • not that guy, here's a quick rundown of the big new features in Mass Effect 2 you should

  • be aware of before the game arrives on the 26th.

  • First, Mass Effect 2 is supposedly much more grim. Bioware calls it their "dark second

  • act," sort of along the lines of Empire Strikes Back. What we've seen of the game seems to

  • back this up, from the unexpected opening sequence to the tense and foreboding alien

  • planets you explore later on. The way you explore the galaxy has been changed quite

  • a bit, with a focus on adding variety to the side quests you can do outside the main story

  • and a new planet scanning system that adds a bit of research to the way you look for

  • alien worlds.

  • The main plot follows Shepard on a quest to assemble a task force for what's been called

  • a potential suicide mission. That means recruiting the best and brightest space thugs the galaxy

  • has to offer, and though you'll mostly be dealing with new faces, you'll also run into

  • a few familiar squadmates from the original game. The cast this time around features quite

  • a few more celebrity voices, including Martin Sheen as the Illusive Man.

  • Mass Effect 2 will offer up a refined version of the role-playing shooter style you remember

  • from the original game. Players can once again choose to use guns, biotics, or blend their

  • abilities with both. Your selection of weaponry has been expanded t include things like grenade

  • launchers and submachine guns, while the specialized ammo system has been heavily streamlined.

  • Other tweaks include improved cover controls, a regenerating health system, and more targeted

  • damage when shooting enemies.

  • Of course, Mass Effect 2 is still very much a role-playing game. Conversations still play

  • a key role, and an interesting new feature there is the ability to interrupt people while

  • they're still talking. Don't like what they're saying? Be a jerk and cut them off! This should

  • add a fun, if rude, new element to the way conversations transpire in the game.

  • All in all, Mass Effect 2 looks like a great continuation of the original game. It's bit

  • darker, a bit more combat-friendly, and runs quite a bit smoother from a technical perspective.

  • You can expect to find out what happens with Commander Shepard when Mass Effect 2 arrives

  • January 26.

So, Mass Effect 2. It's almost here. You've got your copy pre-ordered and you're just

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