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  • Hey guys!

  • So if you don't know I recentely hit 1 million subscribers on this channel

  • Yeah..ouch

  • And if you're like me You're probably sick and tired of seeing thank you videos, right?

  • So with that being said

  • I'm gonna save us both time

  • And just jump right into it and skip all the stuffs you guys already hear

  • Right after I tell you guys a little about it

  • I'm tired of playing jokes on you guys

  • My thank you video should be a serious thing and you're gonna get a serious video

  • So I thought to myself, what is the most honest and genuine way I can say thank you to you guys

  • without making a joke about it

  • That's me, there's nothing more genuine and honest than writing a song for someone

  • Well I guess a baby's laughter could be more genuine and honest

  • But I already gave that to you guys

  • [He He He]

  • I titled this song "The Best Thank You Song Created ??"

  • And it really means a lot to me so I hope you guys enjoy

  • But one more thing before we start

  • I didn't want to ruine the moment at the ending of the video

  • By doing a bunch of annoucements

  • So I'm gonna do those announcements right now

  • For those of you watching "Internet Icon" last year

  • Season 2 is finally here

  • So if you wanna enter make sure you submit a video before this Monday

  • I'll make sure to put the link in the subscription below so..

  • I mean the grand price has been doubled

  • You can win up to 10 thousand dollars

  • And now Canadians are allowed to enter this year as well so..

  • And one more thing I was just wondering...

  • Just play the damn song already!

  • Fine! Geez...

  • This is "The Best Thank You Song Ever" by Ryan Higa

  • And I dedicate this to all you loyal subscribers

  • 5,6,7,8

  • Thank you

  • Oh my god, thank you guys so much I was so nervous

  • (See the links below to read ending messages) [Subtitled by WTF]

Hey guys!

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A2 genuine honest tired gonna save dedicate subscription

HigaTV - Best Thank You Song Ever

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    Zenn posted on 2013/07/20
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