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  • Have you got to see Wonder Woman yet?

  • It's been out for a month already,

  • and it is critically acclaimed to be the best DC movie so far.

  • It's got 8.1 on IMDB.

  • 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • Leaving only one super hero movie to beat it at the tomatometer..

  • I just love 'The Incredibles'!

  • The Dash!

  • Nope.. that's The Dab..

  • I do hear that they do have a sequel coming up soon. Just can't wait

  • Gal Gadot.. I do pronounce it right, don't I?

  • The 'Gadot' can be better..

  • Gadot..

  • More 't' at the end..

  • Gadot..

  • Yah!

  • Gal, thank you! I'll call you back soon!

  • Now if you were to ask me, I would definitely say that Gal Gadot is the dominant success factor of the entire movie!

  • She's just cut out for Wonder Woman, I think.

  • Before playing Wonder Woman in 'Batman v Superman : Dawn Of Justice'..

  • She landed the role - Gisele in 'Fast And Furious'

  • Because the casting director was just totally, so overwhelmed by her knowledge of weapons and her combat skills..

  • Which she obtained from the Israel military.

  • Yes, women in Israel are obligated to serve.

  • I think her personal qualities just naturally goes with Wonder Woman.

  • Or Diana, 'cos they don't actually the two words - "Wonder Woman" throughout the entire movie.

  • I think these qualities include being very positive, optimistic, innocent, naive..

  • And the movie director does mention that she was always the one to break the character and bring laughter to the set.

  • Director of 'Batman v Superman : Dawn Of Justice' Zack Synder.. He recalls the first show-up of Wonder Woman on scene as a total steal of the show.

  • Her appearance on set was just totally stunning that Synder actually told Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, "Guys, you really need to step up!"

  • Gal had 6 months of training, martial arts, weightlifting, and gained 17 pounds of pure muscle before she became wonder woman.

  • She was also part of some reshoots when she was 5 months pregnant.

  • So the crew made her a special costume with a green screen over her belly. And they removed the baby bump in post-production.

Have you got to see Wonder Woman yet?

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【電影英文】最強DC英雄電影 - Wonder Woman 神力女超人|劇情|寓意【中/英CC字幕】

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