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  • I have to say I like what I see Jan

  • you are young, ambitious, intelligent

  • just the sort of person I like to have around

  • I'm no Stephen Hawkins don't get me wrong but you can't work

  • as long as I have in it. without having a pretty

  • firm grasp of the essentials

  • what exactly does I T stand for

  • I've often wondered but I never thought to ask

  • I'm sorry what was question

  • what is I T stand for

  • what does it stand for what doesn't it stand for

  • yes yes but what does it stand for

  • it stands for it

  • stands

  • commitments

  • courage in the face of

  • yes yes I could see what you're getting at but specific letters

  • I T what do they stand for

  • what do you think mister have some making myself clear I'm not looking for

  • and

  • interpretation I reading don't know what the letters

  • actually stand for okay let's start with the RI

  • what does the RI stansel I

  • need to weekly I mean guess that's what it's like these visits with

  • sorry I I don't say we system busting

  • it

  • now them there were only

  • hmmm ok

  • I death

  • can you tell me what I T me

  • I love with me so much

  • I am love them

  • housewife he to me

  • I conduit I

  • and the old reach any bidden

  • I no outs

  • welcome aboard

  • to

I have to say I like what I see Jan

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The IT Crowd What Does IT Stand for

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    nick brian posted on 2017/07/23
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