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  • what are the chances you, being you.

  • lets start with your birthday. Odds are that you were born in August, September, or July, the most popular months for birthdays.

  • while chances are slimmest that you were born in February or April.

  • and what about the day of the week your were born?

  • its most likely you were born on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

  • Turns out most babies take the weekends off.

  • and odds are greatest that you came into the world all by yourself.

  • there's only a three percent chance of you being a twin. And a very tiny chance of you being a triplet or a quadruplet.

  • what about your name?

  • Even if you have a relatively popular name, like David or Rachel, Joe or Lauren, theres still a really slim chance that you'd wind up with that name.

  • if your guy that chances are greatest that your 5'10". And if your girl you most likely 5' 4".

  • And if we were to reverse those heights, theres than a 3 percent chance of a guy being 5'4" and a girl being 5'10".

  • In fact theres less than a 1% for a girl to be 5'11" or any height above.

  • And less than a 5% chance for a guy to be any height above 6'1".

  • I'll if you were born in the US

  • theres about a 13 percent chance you're born in California

  • and a 10 percent chance you're born in Texas.

  • theres a %46 chance you were born in Illinois, Florida, or New York.

  • And less than a %3 chance you were born anywhere else.

  • but taking into consideration the entire world

  • there's less than one percent chance that you were even born in the US.

  • So really, no matter where you're from, or how tall you are, or what your name is, One thing is clear...

  • You, are incredibly rare.

what are the chances you, being you.

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What Are The Chances Of You Being You?

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    VoiceTube posted on 2013/07/17
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