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  • the boy who cried wolf. Every day a

  • shepherd boy sat on a hill watching the village sheep

  • his job was to make sure nothing bad happened to the sheep

  • one afternoon the boy decided to play a trick on the villagers

  • "Wolf! Wolf! he cried. "Theres a wolf chasing the sheep!"

  • The villagers raced up the hill to chase the wolf away

  • but there was no wolf in sight

  • "don't cry wolf when there is no wolf!" they warned the boy

  • the boy was surprised his trick worked so well

  • "I can't believe he played a trick like that"

  • the villagers grumbled as they stormed down the hill

  • the next day the boy tried his trick again

  • Wolf Wolf! He called out. Theres a wolf

  • chasing the sheep!

  • the villagers came running and again found

  • no wolf. "Dont do this again!" They scolded

  • "Only cry wolf when there actually is a wolf!"

  • A few hours later, the boy noticed something out of the corner of his eye

  • A wolf was sneaking up behind the sheep

  • "Wolf, Wolf!" he cried in a panic

  • No one came. "Wolf, Wolf!"

  • He cried again, "Please help! Theres a wolf chasing the sheep!"

  • Still no one came.

  • At sunset, the boy did not return the sheep to the village as he normally did

  • the villagers went up the hill to check on the sheep

  • they found the boy but no sheep

  • A wolf was here, it chased the sheep away

  • "Why didn't you come to help me?" he cried. "You tricked us twice when there was no wolf"

  • "we thought you were tricking us again" said the villagers

  • "I shouldn't have cried wolf when there was no wold" said the boy

  • I'm sorry for my tricks

  • an old man comforted the boy. "If you tell too many lies,

  • no one will believe you when you tell the truth" he said.

  • The end.

the boy who cried wolf. Every day a

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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    Tori Yang posted on 2017/07/22
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