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  • It's a video

  • When you come to Korea again

  • You definitely need to visit me!

  • When you come to Korea again,

  • I'll buy you lots of delicious food!

  • And you have to come to our house!

  • Oh, I'm okay. I don't-

  • Wait, are you filming?

  • OMG

  • That's (I look) so creepy

  • I can't see myself right now

  • I can't see!

  • Could you just put a disclaimer and just say like,

  • Oh that's so good!

  • and say like

  • Becki has a cold, she sounds like a man

  • Mmmmmmmmmmm!

  • That's soooo gooooood!

  • Hi taxi driver!

  • Shut up!

  • What's up?

  • You alright?

  • Wassup. No, you drove past me!

  • I was like, walking out waiting for you out here

  • How have you been, T?

  • I've been good *sniff* Where are you?

  • Oh no, that's not me

  • OMG I've got my glasses on, I look like a geek

  • Hello. Introduce yourselves.

  • I don't need to!

  • Stop it!

  • So awkward balloon is...when somebody says something awkward

  • You're like:

  • And then you just walk away

  • Salaam Alaikum, Youtube

  • Did you find it?

  • I found it

  • Typical mid-meal casually just dropped her phone

  • Retaliation

  • Go on! Carry on then!

  • That woman's like viewing us like "WTF are they doing!?"

It's a video

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Vlog - London Weekend

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    Amy.Lin posted on 2017/07/17
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