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  • [music] It's a miracle! Molecules stable.

  • I didn't think it was possible, but Wankershim has become an independent life form!

  • You just made history! I am no longer merely a hologram.

  • My brother Wankershim, where you are going, I cannot follow.

  • I'm sorry, I have grown beyond you brother Spankus. Computer: End program.

  • NeoMars Park has a new attraction: Wankershim! Two weeks ago this crazy critter was nothing

  • more than a computer character in a video game! But after achieving self-awareness,

  • he became a new form of life that is now fifty stories tall and still growing! Yes, this

  • once little elf has captured the heart of NeoMars City!

  • How do you think this will affect the Martian tourism industry?

  • He says he wants more carrots and bread crumbs!
Catbug, come on I asked you not to feed Wankershim.

  • That's your lunch. [growling]

  • [cheering]
He got big fast. What happens when he has to pee?
Ha ha ha! Or doodie!

  • if Wankershim keeps expanding infinitely? Who knows what might happen?
We should at

  • the very least run some scans.
I'm proud of the little--big--guy.

  • Ahahey! It's always been Wankershim! Emotion Lord!

  • Woah, rad Jellyfish!
Say hello to Himmel Mancheese! He begged me to take him back in

  • time for The Dawning of Wankershim!

  • [Kissing] Hahaha!

  • AW! Gross dude, you're me! What's the "Dawning" of Wankershim?

  • day in history when the great prophet Wankershim absorbs the universe into his Wankerbeing.

  • What?! What happens then?
Oh, the end of reality

  • as we know it, you lucky mortals! Today we all become [starts singing] one with Wankershim.

  • What the beans does this mean? How do we stop it?
Are you really all up in my jam, asking for dangerous

  • knowledge of the future that might damage space-time?! Do you want a Temporal Pair-o-Sox

  • on your conscience?
You mean a "paradox?"
No, a Temporal Pair of Socks! It's far worse!

  • I can't tell you the future, but I can help you figure it out on your own.
But why would--

  • [exasperated breath] Dude please don't magically apply clothes to me.
You want to know about

  • Wankershim, then set up an MV-12 Assertive Reactor. It'll answer all your questions.

  • You're my friends now. We're having soft tacos later.
It's always been Wankershim!

  • Can we trust him? Why do you think he's really here?
Give him a chance, Chris. He knows things

  • you don't. [growling]

  • [screaming, cheering] 
Here you go kids!

  • Could I ask a private question?
Oh, somebody's getting curious about his powers!

  • Well, we can read upside down, aaand our dancing skills improve quite nicely.

  • Actually I was wondering about Beth. She's my best friend, but you know, someday, I mean,

  • are we ever meant to...? You know I can't tell you! Anyway you can

  • see the future yourself, that's one of your dang powers!
Hey Chris we could use a hand

  • over here before the world ends! 
There's gotta be something we can do. I like myself

  • too much to become a tiny piece of a giant elf.
Here, empty your mind.
Seeing the future...

  • okay. Just don't kiss me again.
Focus on the person or thing you love more than

  • anything else in the world. Got it? You're it! [trilling]

  • Yeah. Eeeeeeeeeek!

  • Fill up with that feeling. Lose your biz in it.

  • I... I still don't see anything--
SCREEEAAACH! [message plays backwards]

  • Ahhh my arm is missing. [message plays backwards]

D-AHH! What did you do to me?!

  • Chris look! It's happening.
But, wait, what was all that--

  • Hi Wankershim! Are you going to go doodie?
How do you work this thing? I got it! Calculating...

  • It's always been Wankershim?
That's the spirit! Everyone take shelter in his divine

  • Wankershade!

  • [music]

  • This is... amazing!! [Sniffle] Yee dee dee woo doo doo! You're looking at Beth? And you're crying.

  • Wait, what's wrong? I just miss her.
Miss her?! Why? Does something

  • happen to Beth? Does she die? You have to tell me! 
Oh dear! I've given you dangerous

  • fore-knowledge of the future! I may have created a Temporal Pair-o-Sox! I did! There it is!

  • The Pair-o-Sox! I can't NOT put these on!
No--tell me about Beth! Please!
Oh--oh! AAH! It's always been Wankershiiim...!

  • No...
Is it over? Are we one with Wankershim?

  • Uhh... Anybody else feel kinda tender?
I guess

  • he's everywhere now. Rad!

  • Pthhhpp! Whup!

  • Who wants soft tacos?!
Yes! I have an interest in tacos!
Yaaayy! Dinner Time!

  • Hangover!

  • You're watching Bravest Warriors on Cartoon Hangover, only on YouTube.

[music] It's a miracle! Molecules stable.

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Ultra Wankershim (Bravest Warriors - Ep. 10 Season 1 on Cartoon Hangover)

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