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  • Everybody understands the two international nods.

  • This is yes.

  • This is no.

  • But not many understand the Indian Nod.

  • This one.

  • You can never decipher the nod with just the movement of the head.

  • No.

  • You must pay attention to two things:

  • the position of the eyebrows and the speed of the nod.

  • "The Mid Brow"

  • This means "alright" or "fine."

  • The faster the nod, the more fine it is.

  • "The Low Brow"

  • This indicates being in agreement, although not fully convinced.

  • The lower the brow and the speed of the nod, the higher the "unconvincedness."

  • Is that even a word?

  • Next, "The High Brow."

  • This shows certain high level of agreement

  • that the "yes" nod can never provide.

  • It's more like,

  • "Oh, yeah!"

  • Or, "bring it on!"

  • The higher the brow and vigour, the more the excitement.

  • A word of caution.

  • The nod can also mean other expressions.

  • Appreciation.

  • Sarcasm.

  • Or they're possible could just be dancing.

  • Indian Nod... Got it?

Everybody understands the two international nods.

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Indian Nod : Explained

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