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  • Schull>> You know I like to say that that there are three essential ingredients here.

  • One is the 3D printer right now. Another is internet technology.

  • The other is good will. You put these three together

  • and you really got a very powerful solution.

  • [Yeah! Alright!]

  • Assistant>> Thank you sir.

  • Myers>> So... we're e-NABLE.

  • That's the name of our group.

  • This is a 3D printer. This is a Makerbot.

  • They can print out just about anything.They're kinda like a tube

  • of toothpaste. They layer on top

  • of each other, and make a three dimensional image.

  • These things can be printed out for

  • less than fifty dollars when a prosthetic usually cost about forty

  • thousand dollars, so...

  • and all the plans are available online. Open access.

  • Anybody that can get access to a three-dimensional printer, can have a hand.

  • Schull>> From the measurements we can choose

  • the style of the hand, the model. This is the famous

  • "Cyborg Beast" with the the day-old

  • experimental, RIT arm design.

  • And once you choose the features that you want

  • it goes off to the printer... and about three hours later it comes out of the

  • printer.

  • And then there's a couple of hours of assembly, but we're working on easy assemble positions.

  • And the next thing you know you've changed a life.

  • But in truth she does not even have to come here. We have an online community

  • We can take pictures through the mail. We can generate the hands. We can model them.

  • We can print them in her neighborhood. She can take the models and go to a

  • public library, or go to

  • Staples... or go to a school 3d printer...

  • or ask one of our 500 volunteers

  • to run it off. To print it. Then she can try it.

  • She can send us some video from a smartphone of what pinches and what needs

  • adjusting.

  • We will go through the process again. This is only five dollars worth of materials.

  • So what's the big deal?

Schull>> You know I like to say that that there are three essential ingredients here.

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A2 BEG US printer print prosthetic dimensional myers model

e-NABLE - volunteers offer prosthetic hands made for children by 3D printers

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