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  • Aesthetic?

  • Aesthetic

  • What is that? Like can you please define that word?

  • Ok. I have a good definition for it right here.

  • What?

  • I did not expect that!

  • What the heck

  • Well

  • I don't know

  • See most people say that I'm photoshopped for some reason.

  • $#!%

  • This $#!% is fake

  • Bro

  • Is this your girl right here?

  • This is

  • That's your girl?

  • She's not going to be your girl for long bro

  • Oh wow

  • What do us guys need to work on most in the gym?

  • The calves?

  • Is it the calves?

  • Yes

  • The calves?

  • Yeah

  • The calves, yeah.

  • Yeah sounds good.

  • Yeah unfortunately my camera's not aimed at my calves but...

  • You guys can check out the rest

  • Am I a soccer player?

  • Do I look like a soccer player?

  • I was really sad you were gonna say yes dangit

  • No I'm a golfer

  • Yeah (Oh)

  • whoosh whoosh

  • Golf

  • Don't I look like a golfer?


  • Oh my god

  • Oh my god

  • You don't golf!


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Aesthetics on Omegle 5: Golfer Surprises Girls

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    Yue Xuan posted on 2017/06/30
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