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  • Hi everyone

  • So today I am back with a new video

  • and it is 10 facts about Japan

  • that you probably didn't know already

  • now I hope you enjoy the video

  • and please comment down below

  • about how many of facts you guys knew

  • So we know Japanese bow at basically any occasion

  • from a greeting to an apology

  • but did you know depending on how deep you bow there is a different meaning behind it all

  • so there are 3 ... 3 ... omg I can't hold this ...

  • So there are 3 main types of bows

  • the first one is called the eshaku

  • which is a 15 degree bow and it is done in an informal setting as a greeting

  • the next one is called the keirei

  • which is a 30 degree bow to show someone of a higher level, respect

  • and then we have the saikeirei

  • which is a 45 degree bow reserved for major occasions

  • like meeting the emperor

  • or used to apologize when you've screwed up something really big

  • so if your in Japan and your walking on the streets

  • and someone randomly hands you tissue

  • don't be scared because this is how many many Japanese businesses advertise their business

  • if your handing out free tissue people are more likely to take this and see what your company has got to offer

  • rather than if you hand out flyers

  • I think it's a pretty good idea and also you know I never run out of tissues anymore

  • Some Japanese companies conduct a morning exercise session for their workers

  • they believe that this makes their workers more healthier and productive for a days work

  • Japan has some really really cool animal cafes out there

  • you've got the dog cafe

  • cat cafe, rabbit cafe, bird cafe, reptile cafe

  • even owl cafe and penguin cafe

  • that's alot of pretty cool animals to be drinking tea with

  • So in Japan most of the streets don't have names

  • the blocks have numbers

  • so the streets are just empty space inbetween the blocks

  • and the buildings on the block are numbered in order of age

  • so the first building built there is called number one

  • the second one is called number two

  • and even if it is on opposite sides it doesn't matter

  • Despite Japan for being a very very developed country

  • most of the people there still use cash to pay for everything

  • so for those of you who are planning to go to Japan

  • make sure to have some cash on you because not all the shops accept card

  • In Japan there is actually hardly any rubbish bins on the streets, yet there is no litter

  • Japanese are very good citizens and they try to keep their country clean so they bring their rubbish home

  • Now in Japan did you know they have a

  • cat island, rabbit island, monkey island, monkey mountain, horse cape, deer park and fox park

  • So in Japan schools are quite strict in their rules

  • so up until high school you normally aren't allowed to dye your hair

  • so what a lot of young Japanese students do is when they get into university

  • the first thing they do is dye their hair

  • If you guys are ever eating with Japanese people

  • remember never never never to stick your chopsticks vertically on your rice

  • and remember never to pass food chopstick to chopstick

  • these are performed at a Japanese funeral so it is said to bring bad luck

  • and you just wouldn't like to see something that's perform at a funeral done at he dining table

  • So guys, those were my ten fun facts about Japan

  • I hope you found it interesting and hopefully could take away something

  • and please comment down below about what other videos you would like to see me do

  • So I'll see you in my next video, see you guys! byeeee ! :)

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