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  • man: (laughing) Learn to drive, Spider-man.

  • Let's see which one of these geniuses is next.

  • I got a Parker, Peter?

  • Is there a Parker, Peter?

  • I'm Parker, P-- Peter Parker.

  • Peter Parker?

  • Okay. Test time, baby.

  • Let's go.

  • Sweet ride for a 15-year-old kid.

  • It's actually my friend Tony's. It's a prototype.

  • Wish I had a friend named Tony.

  • Yeah.

  • Put your hands at nine and three.

  • I thought it was ten and two.

  • It was ten and two, but now it's nine and three.

  • You're gonna lose five points for that. What? I--

  • You lose five points for that.

  • You okay?

  • I'm fine.

  • Carry on.

  • Ah, here. Watch this. Click that button.

  • No hands.

  • Hey, hey, hey

  • Sorry, sorry.

  • Don't do that.

  • Won't, not again. Let's pass someone.

  • Okay, let's go.

  • Slow down, slow down.

  • Don't be a hero.

  • Superhero. What?

  • Hmm? What was that?

  • What did you say?

  • The grand finale. Parallel parking.

  • And we're parked.

  • I guess turning the wheel is too much for you kids nowadays, huh?

  • It's going to be close, Peter Parker.

  • See, I gain nothing by you failing.

  • You know, I want you to pass.

  • If you change lanes and you don't use a signal,

  • I got to take a point off for that too.

  • You fail, I fail.

  • And then you fail again.

  • Minus one point for eyeballing me.

  • And don't think I didn't see that. I notice everything.

  • Peter?

  • Bad guys.

  • So do I pass?

  • I'll pass you.

  • Just-- just go.

man: (laughing) Learn to drive, Spider-man.

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Audi “Driver’s Test” - Spider-Man: Homecoming

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