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  • Hi everyone!

  • I'm Eder and I'm a Brazilian.

  • I'm not a native English speaker,

  • of course,

  • and nor a person who speaks fluently in English,

  • as a while.

  • For the last year, since 2016,

  • I've been study English

  • very hard every single day.

  • Thankfully I found a great method

  • to study English.

  • First of all, you need to watch this video here -

  • or here -

  • and subscribe to this channel.

  • It's about the imitation technique,

  • created by Emma from mmmEnglish.

  • By practicing this method

  • we can look and sound natural

  • when we're speaking.

  • Plus, we'll speak more clearly and confidently

  • in English.

  • To my mind,

  • everybody can do it!

  • But of course, it takes time

  • and need to put dedication on it.

  • And I'm pretty sure a lot of students

  • from different countries

  • around the world

  • are studying and learning so much with this method.

  • And now I'll show you a little bit

  • about how I study English nowadays.

  • So let's do it!

  • To this lesson,

  • I studied watching the lesson 1

  • from the imitation technique.

  • And all links that I'm saying here

  • are on the description box.

  • That is it.

  • Let's study.

  • Bye.

Hi everyone!

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How to improve your English with the imitation technique | mmmEnglish

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