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  • Hello, my name is Bill Blake and today I would like to talk with you about something that

  • that we are all familiar withListening! We listen to hear! But more importantly, we

  • listen to communicate! And if we are to be as effective as we can,

  • we must hone our listening skillsjust as we do with many of the other skills we

  • possess.

  • Has this ever happened to you? The message you thought you were sending was

  • not the message that was received. Or maybe you heard a message that was not what the

  • speaker intended!

  • In your organization, would more effective communication:

  • Improve employee morale? Or would it enhance relationships in your

  • workplace, or on your team? Would it improve communication, or boost performance?

  • Or would it improve relationships with your customers?

  • And if communication was improved, would it have an impact on yourbottom lineor

  • success ratio?

  • It is estimated that people screen out, or misunderstand the meaning in over 70% of Communication

  • Listening is more than hearing. Have you ever been in a situation where after speaking,

  • the person addressed simply shrugged their shoulders, or made a funny face. Did this

  • communicate something to you? You see, listening is also the ability to

  • receive, interpret, and respond to both verbal messages & body language

  • Some areas where Businesses are using the Personal Listening Profile, include:

  • To enhance communication in general To strengthen customer relations

  • To reduce conflict throughout the organization To improve the effectiveness of their managers

  • And as part of their leadership development programs

  • The Personal Listening Profile identifies 5 different approaches to listening:

  • The first is Appreciative listening where you simply relax & enjoy the listening experience

  • The second is Empathic: to support & understand the emotions of the speaker is experiencing

  • while speaking The third is the Discerning approach: here

  • you simply want to gather complete & accurate information

  • The fourth is the Comprehensive approach: Where you want to organize information and

  • understand the full meaning of the message The fifth and final approach is Evaluative,

  • where you want to critique the information supplied & make a decision

  • We can all use a variety of approaches based on the situation, but each of us will use

  • some approaches more than others The important thing is that our listening

  • style determines the quality of the information we gather, and the reaction of others to our

  • behavior So with this knowledge, and depending on our

  • motivation, we can adapt our listening approach to meet the needs of the situation we are

  • facing.

  • Once the Personal Listening Profile is completed, the actual report to the client, includes:

  • An identification of your preferred listening style

  • The report describes your strengths in listening, and possible growth areas of greater effectiveness

  • It describes your expectations of others as listeners

  • And it also includes a communication gap analysis indicating situations where you communicate

  • well & where you might improve

  • The Listening Profile Report also includes: A personalized Action Plan for the participant

  • A detailed overview of each of the 5 listening approaches

  • And a guide on how the listening approaches combine to create the 15 different listening

  • styles

  • In addition, a group report can be developed to show the predominant listening approach

  • of each team member In summary the Personal Listening Profile

  • can be a powerful tool to help people communicate more effectively, more often!

  • To develop your Listening skills will take plenty of practice,

  • But it will pay big dividends!

  • And so, thanks for watching our short video! And remember:

  • Only by listening effectively can you respond appropriately!

  • If you would like further information on our Personal Listening Profile, please visit our

  • website: Good luck with your listening skills!

Hello, my name is Bill Blake and today I would like to talk with you about something that

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Effective Listening for Better Communication

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