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  • Now that you know all the gear that I used I was gonna tell you

  • how to play the guitar for the coffee jingles

  • of the music song. Here goes a bunche of fun

  • and get ready to... how to play that guitar.

  • Right. Good.

  • OK, so basically if this is like you now mean

  • a drop D tuning which is rare for me cos I usually plays low C

  • you know we in draft D tuning

  • let me low D everything else pretty much the same, so let's go up to the 1, 2

  • 3,4,.....

  • 30, 40...16, 17th fret

  • ... and that's the first parts

  • So there you go.

  • And than the sweeps picking that stuff.

  • Sweep, sweep.

  • Sweep xxx and thats the first part of the thing.

  • and the... so we keep on going

  • and that's like these a xxx sting that I am told

  • for this gui---tar

  • again, .... that C is mayor

  • Ya that sounds pretty good to my ear

  • Ya sweeps it. Sweep it propely please.

  • Thank you and a pretty much you know

  • pull off, down, up, up.

  • Ya, just drags you pickle from the mentioned direction. Pretty clean souded hey

  • but some people's comes up and said hey I pretty good

  • sweep up as you... checks it out

  • Hey I'm good, but the truth is no, you are not, you a liar

  • go homes Texas Scheller and wash, wash this shame of you because you suck

  • and you're done you can't do it anyway

  • Where are we, let's have some fun... with music.

  • pee pee time

  • Hey chief this stuff is good for soup

  • NO. That's a YES!

Now that you know all the gear that I used I was gonna tell you

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B1 sweep tuning pee guitar wash pretty good

Dethklok: Solo / Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle / Some Stuff (cz titulky)

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    李沛宸 posted on 2017/06/13
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