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  • Buenas noches, Mexico!

  • (audience cheering)

  • It is such a joy, it is such a joy to be here.

  • How about our, I love you too, sir.

  • (audience laughing)

  • Solamente the guys, only the guys, never the girls.

  • How about our house band tonight?

  • They've topped regional airplay charts in both

  • Mexico and the United States.

  • Please welcome Calibre 50.

  • (audience cheering)

  • Welcome to CONANMade in Mexico.”

  • Now, as you can tell by the title, my mission here

  • in your beautiful country is to tape a show

  • made by a Mexican staff and crew

  • in a Mexican television studio

  • and starring the Mexican people.

  • That is the idea. (audience cheering)

  • And in addition to some very special guests,

  • I am honored to be joined by my friend,

  • Andres Antonio De Los Richter.

  • Hola! (audience cheering)

  • Thank you.

  • Gracias, gracias.

  • Hola, Andres! Hola!

  • How are you? I'm good,

  • I'm having a great time.

  • Yeah, it's fantastic here.

  • Mexico is one of the only countries that a sousaphone

  • player can still get laid in.

  • (laughing)

  • Oh yeah.

  • We'll show you some of the adventures I've had over

  • the past week, but first, I'm gonna attempt to tell you

  • some jokes en Español.

  • (audience cheering)

  • (audience laughing)

  • May God have mercy on me.

  • Please be kind, okay?

  • Are you ready for this?

  • Here we go. (audience cheering)

  • (audience laughing)

  • (audience laughing and cheering)

  • (laughing)

  • (laughs) I'm funnier in this language.

  • (audience booing)

  • (audience laughing)

  • We don't have sex.

  • (audience laughing)

  • (audience laughing)

  • (audience laughing)

  • (audience laughing)

  • (audience cheering)

  • (audience clapping)

  • (audience laughing)

  • That's how he got started, yeah.

  • (audience cheering)

  • I did it!

  • I did it!

  • I did it!

  • (audience cheering)

  • Andy, did you know what the hell I was talking about?

  • I never listen.

  • (laughing)

Buenas noches, Mexico!

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Conan's "Made In Mexico" Monologue En Español

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