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  • Oh, okay.

  • Today, we are trying on the world's most comfortable shoes.

  • They're from Allbirds all the way from New Zealand.

  • They claim to be the world's most comfortable shoes.

  • I'll believe it when I feel it.

  • That's like a big statement to make.

  • What makes shoes good shoes?

  • For me, it's about style and comfort.

  • Beautiful and comfortable

  • That's just like gold.

  • Yeah, that's the dream.

  • Should we open these up?

  • Yeah, let's do it.

  • Oh, look it says Allbirds.

  • It's like opening up like wings.

  • That's so cute.

  • These are the Loungers.

  • I have the Loungers.

  • I've got the Runners.

  • They're made out of wool.

  • They feel nice on the outside.

  • They're very fuzzy.

  • They're very light.

  • Yeah, this is the lightest shoe I've ever felt.

  • Apparently, you can go sockless with these,

  • so I'm gonna go sock less,

  • to get the full experience.

  • Can I do one with the sock on and one without?

  • It's up to you.

  • I feel like I could lounge in these.

  • You can actually run in this?

  • I feel like it's going to fall apart if I run in these.

  • They're called runners.

  • Runners run.

  • It's like I'm walking on a cloud.

  • Seriously.

  • It's kind of like what I would imagine walking on memory foam.

  • Each foot has a little baby memory foam mattress.

  • Oh, okay.

  • Those are cute.

  • I would wear the heck out of those.

  • I love the yellow.

  • It's so fun and cute.

  • I feel like I could do anything right now.

  • You can do a back flip.

  • I'm gonna try doing a back flip.

  • I have not done one... No, I'm kidding.

  • I never really wear closed toe shoes.

  • I wear a lot of sandals.

  • Yeah, you wear a lot of sandals.

  • But for shoes that I don't normally wear, they're really comfortable.

  • These are legit.

  • Yeah, they're pretty legit.

  • They look good too.

  • Yeah, they're not like a common running shoe that I've ever seen.

  • They're more like a style shoe.

  • Usually when you say comfortable, a lot of shoes

  • it screams out like ugly, but I feel like these shoes

  • have design and comfort.

  • We didn't even have to like break them in which is nice.

  • No, I kind of feel like they're molded to my feet too.

  • Five stars for me honestly.

  • I give it five stars out of sheer comfort.

  • I've never worn a shoe, aside from a slipper,

  • that felt this good.

  • If someone's like would you like

  • to wear this pair of shoes all day?

  • Oh yeah.

  • I would say yes.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • Yes I would.

Oh, okay.

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People Try The World's Most Comfortable Shoes

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