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  • I've travelled all around Europe but in fact I prefer Greece

  • For me Greece it's a little bit paradise on earth

  • It's a wonderful country

  • You know I've travelled before but I've never seen something like this you know it's beautiful it's island it's crazy

  • This is the perfect summer holiday destination to come to

  • One of the most beautiful places I've been in my entire life

  • This is the best vacation spot that you can ever dream of

  • Sea is lovely, the beach is lovely

  • Il mare the sea of course

  • I adore the sea

  • I love it uhm it's very peaceful and restful and very blue

  • The sea is gorgeous

  • If you want to get a tan you should come here

  • The sea is very clear

  • Clean, very very clean

  • There's nothing that compares these beaches

  • There are some beautiful coasts in the area with sort of quite water it's fantastic

  • The beaches, the nightlife everything is fantastic

  • The nightlife in Greece makes NY City look like a sleepy town

  • So very loud and very lifey

  • You guys definitely know how to enjoy yourselves

  • It's just very luxurious I think just being here

  • The pools, the beach, the spa, the shopping everything looks lovely

  • The Spa is amazing, it gives you all the facilities and all the treatments would you need to relax and to really really enjoy the wellness

  • For the money that we paid, we received everything and even more than we expected

  • The facilities here are amongst the best in Europe

  • You can go hiking, you can go biking, you can go horseback riding

  • For the Diving in Greece what we have here is usually fantastic conditions

  • The kids have everything to do She learned waterski

  • even my wife (I did) learned mono-ski

  • We like to go canoeing, Yeah!

  • Greece is a good place for a family

  • And they have really good food

  • The Greek food ah! It's yummy, it's gorgeous

  • I think there is a fine art to eating in Greece

  • Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Better prepared than in many other countries

  • The country has been very beautiful and the people are very very friendly

  • The Greek people are probably the friendliest in Europe

  • Most people can speak English so its good for us

  • They've been really welcoming

  • We live the Culture in Greece and we live the History

  • I like visiting old Ancient Sites

  • Its cool to just be able to go so far back in time in places like this

  • This is the birth of Western Civilisation

  • His middle name is Pericles what more do you want?

  • You can't beat the culture and the landscape

  • We haven't missed our home at all

  • I don't want go home

  • I will come back here

  • Oh yeah, definitely come back

  • I'll definitely come back

  • I don't want to leave

  • It was worth coming

  • I've had the time of my life in Greece

I've travelled all around Europe but in fact I prefer Greece

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You in Greece (English)

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    VoiceTube posted on 2013/07/09
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