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  • We're out here getting money and shit, we're finally getting rich.

  • Like, I'm the president of Indonesia if you don't know.

  • I used to do a lot of comedy rap type stuff and I just did it for fun.

  • And then one day I was like,

  • "What if I actually go in on this shit?"

  • Because a friend of mine was a producer and he was like, "Let's do a song, man!"

  • And then I just went to his studio, he made a beat and I recorded to it in like...

  • I was just wondering what would happen if I actually was serious on a song.

  • 12, the police.

  • A lot of people didn't get that.

  • A lot of people were like, "12 in the morning?

  • What are you talking about?"

  • And I'm like, "Nah.

  • It's 12, as in cops."

  • I was like, "If I have a song that blows up and I'm this kid and I say the N-Word, would

  • people be like "Holy shit, that song is so cool when he said that N-word.

  • I think I'll let it slide."

  • That’s what I was thinking.

  • I was basically just trying to make people less sensitive to the word and take the power

  • out of the word, but then I realized I'm totally not in a position to do that.

  • I was like, "I fucked up."

  • So, I just don't say it anymore.

  • I literally didn't have friends until August of 2015 because I just went to the club in

  • Indonesia and met some friends and I found out that they lived close to me and we started

  • hanging out, but before that, it was like zero.

  • And a lot of people are wondering, like, "What's

  • the stick mean?"

  • The stick could be anything.

  • It could be...

  • I'm aware that it's slang for a gun, but shit, if you're talking about wooden

  • sticks, fuck it.

  • It's a wooden stick.

  • This part was probably the only part in the song where I was being serious.

  • Basically in that line, I was just trying to let people know that bad shit happens in

  • Indonesia too.

  • A lot people, they don't really know where I came from.

  • They think I'm from like California and shit, but Indonesia has it pretty bad.

  • It's getting better, but there's definitely some bad parts and I was just trying to raise

  • awareness of that.

  • At the time, I didn't really have a female, but I was just like, "Maybe in the future

  • I will have a female that does me wrong and I'ma flex on her one day."

  • I had a minivan.

  • I'm not really into cars.

  • It just sounded cool on the song.

  • When I was making the song, I really did not know what I was doing.

  • I was kind of listening to all this Trap music and when they're talking about scary shit,

  • I just love it so much.

  • So I was like, "I kind of wanna recreate this.

  • I wanna do something.

  • I wanna have some scary ass lines."

  • And I didn't realize what that could do and how people would feel about that, because

  • I don't live any of this shit.

  • I'm not with the shit.

  • The Trap lyrics and stuff, the whole violent shit, I was just trying to remake it, basically.

We're out here getting money and shit, we're finally getting rich.

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